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goblet (49%), beer (14%), red (12%), pole (4%), bubble (3%)
1/160s ƒ/20 ISO1600 80mm
Hispeed Find Similar
DSC7135 [splash high speed photography]
beer (96%), lemon (2%), cocktail (1%)
HDR Find Similar
sunlight beach glass hdr wallpaper [beach HDR photography]
beer (76%), pop (24%)
Food Find Similar
tanqueray gin drinks photographer london still life photography liquids creative alcohol photography
wine (34%), red (32%), chocolate (17%), hair (5%), beer (4%)
Hispeed Find Similar
I0000M9hBDm ViFg [ beer splash high speed photography]
beer (96%), beer (4%)
Fashion Find Similar
67479516 135521991021741 945087574708443866 n.jpg
beer (57%), library (12%), wine (5%), prayer (3%), comic (3%)
Macro Find Similar
waterdroprefractiontips [water drop macro photography]
balloon (63%), beer (19%), bobsled (4%), slot (2%), pool (2%)
Hispeed Find Similar
emanuele turri etimaging.net beer guinness [ beer splash high speed photography]
coffee (95%), beer (3%), goblet (1%)
Abstract Find Similar
9433361eade3ef367b58db12ff90ad2e [portrait abstract photography]
beer (64%), beer (35%)
1/250s ISO200
Hispeed Find Similar
6376597369 d580c79c45 b [ beer splash high speed photography]
beer (50%), wine (26%), pop (22%), beer (2%)
Macro Find Similar
One water drop macro photography hazy iphone 750x1334 [iphone macro photography]
bubble (44%), cup (40%), perfume (7%), beer (2%)
Beauty Find Similar
Evening Pleasures Kirby Turnage 1 2 [still life beauty photography]
wine (89%), red (9%), beer (2%)
1/200s ƒ/4 ISO100 100mm
Vehicle Find Similar
Creative photography equipment 03.jpg
joystick (63%), stove (9%), beer (6%), puck (5%), red (3%)
1/250s ƒ/13.0 ISO250 100mm
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This was taken using a Raspberry Pi to time the triggering of the droplet and the shutter at the precise moment. The only Photoshopping being done is to boost clarity, slightly sharpen and otherwise improve the original image. What you see is what the camera captured! Used two flashes, manual, cover with gels, fired bounced off a white card in the background. Wireless Cowboy triggers. [macro high speed photography]
goblet (48%), red (40%), joystick (8%), beer (2%)
2/1s ƒ/16 ISO100 24mm
Landscape Find Similar
summer dawn east beach nairn 1 of 1 [summer landscape photography]
castle (39%), ashcan (38%), lakeside (9%), beer (3%), barrel (2%)
Aerial Find Similar
city london night [night aerial photography]
drilling (16%), joystick (14%), beer (11%), toyshop (8%), slot (8%)
Hispeed Find Similar
emanuele turri etimaging.net heineken beer [ beer splash high speed photography]
beer (100%)
Hispeed Find Similar
5 0 775 1fying whiskey final [glass high speed photography]
beer (57%), perfume (14%), red (3%), sax (3%), beaker (3%)
Hispeed Find Similar
photography project00015 1024x1024 [water drop high speed photography]
red (49%), hair (13%), goblet (12%), perfume (10%), beer (6%)
Hispeed Find Similar
953faf570d6b646de88a4ae1d29353f3 [water drop high speed photography]
stove (34%), goblet (20%), fountain (11%), beer (8%), candle (8%)
Abstract Find Similar
4 [abstract photography]
goblet (34%), candle (25%), lampshade (11%), beer (6%), table (5%)
Hispeed Find Similar
a37e4a78bcc093e468b2ad9bc18348a4 [rain high speed photography]
fountain (31%), stove (16%), goblet (14%), magnetic (10%), beer (5%)
Hispeed Find Similar
Milk Splash Setup 3.jpg.optimal [ bursting high speed photography]
beer (41%), vase (23%), candle (14%), wine (7%), goblet (5%)
Food Find Similar
81cf7165662ed004ef545474c1b13d0c [dark food photography]
pop (45%), strawberry (28%), beaker (13%), cocktail (4%), beer (3%)
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