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Video: Panasonic 16 Megapixels DMC-GH2 Light Speed Autofocus Demo

2010-09-30 06:08
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On September 21 2010, Panasonic announced the Lumix DMC-GH2, featuring an intuitive touch control and the world's fastest level Light Speed AF of approx. 0.1 second to capture the subject in spur-of-the-moment in sharp focus. The sensor and the image processing engine are totally refined to achieve even higher performance of the camera.

Here's a video demo of the light speed AF of the DMC-GH2 camera with the 14-140mm lens:

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 Camera Reviews Roundup

Imaging Resource - Jun 20 2011
"It's almost as unfair to call the 16-megapixel Panasonic GH2 an SLR-style camera as it is to call it a Compact System Camera (CSC). The Panasonic GH2 is actually a true photo/movie hybrid, straddling the ground between a still camera and a camcorder. And it's a segment that Panasonic pioneered with the GH2's predecessor, the GH1, which burst onto the scene..." More »
Not Rated
ePhotoZine - Apr 28 2011
"ISO160, as the lowest ISO setting, produces the cleanest, most detailed noise free images, as you would expect, and then as the ISO setting increases so too does noise. Results are good at ISO200. At ISO400 - chroma noise starts to appear (slightly), and again at ISO800. At ISO1600 - noise texture appears and covers everything, but is quite subtle, and at I..." More »
90out of 100
Steve's Digicam - Apr 08 2011
"For our outdoor image samples, we shot using Panasonic's iAuto (Intelligent Auto) shooting mode. This produced outstanding image quality, providing a well exposed and tack sharp image from edge to edge. We also see rich colors that accurately represent the actual scene. With the GH2, we also used the Lumix 14-140mm Micro Four-Thirds lens. One the wide end o..." More »
Not Rated
dpreview - Mar 24 2011
"In terms of the critical output of their sensors, Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds cameras have tended to lag behind APS-C and full-frame competitors. Typically, in our testing, we have complained about high noise levels at medium to high ISO settings, restricted dynamic range, and poor in-camera JPEG processing. In specification terms alone, Panasonic ha..." More »
79out of 100

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 Camera Recent User Reviews

Four Stars, JP - Sep 20 2014
Verified Purchase ( Great little camera!...

Five Stars, Rahav Ben Zion - Sep 14 2014
Verified Purchase ( very good...

A new standard for video shooters., K. Kekuewa - Jul 30 2014
Verified Purchase ( I switched from Canon to Nikon when the D90 was launched specifically for the video capabilities. In hindsight, I should have stuck with Canon and stepped up the the 5D, but that's history. Nikons are tough to beat for still photography - my D3s are still go-to cameras for paid stills work, but I got tired of waiting for Nikon to take video serio...

Excellent camera. I sold my Nikon D5000 for this ..., Charlene Calise - Jul 30 2014
Excellent camera. I sold my Nikon D5000 for this camera and have no regrets....

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