CameraMagic Effects (By Magno Urbano)



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Version: 2.2
Updated: Feb 09, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


CameraMagic is a simple but powerful application that you can use to create amazing compositions using one or more of its of pre-made layers.

All images coming with CameraMagic are copyright-free and royalties free! So, you can use the images for any purpose, including professional or business.

Amaze your friends creating spectacular images with planes, helicopters, fireballs, comets, planets, fight jets and more!

▣ All images coming with CameraMagic are royalties free. You can use it freely for any purpose;
▣ Comes with 214 objects you can add to your pictures*;
▣ Image Compositions can be done using one out of 16 blending modes available;
▣ Comes with dozens of frames you can add to your pics;
▣ Non-destructive editing. Your original images are never modified;
▣ Comes with several marking and pointing elements as circles, arrows, squares, etc., you can use to highlight elements on pictures you are about to email your friends;
▣ Compatible with iPod Touch (2nd Gen.), iPhone 3, Iphone 3GS and iPhone 4;
▣ Minimum requirement: iOS 3.0;

▣ Comes with 214 objects (60 free and 154 you can optionally buy).

These objects includes: 33 different UFO, dozens of space elements as all the planets of the Solar System, galaxies, nebulae, clusters, comets, and the moon phases; dozens of planes, fighter jets, helicopters, experimental aircrafts, moon lander and rover, space shuttle launch and landing, military vehicles and planes, missiles, birds and other animals as alligator and armadillo; several marking and visual effects elements as cloud, smoke, fire, stain, sun, fireball, stars, lightning, brights, wall crack, etc. and 16 free frames you can use in your compositions.

Two missiles, military helicopter, soldier hanging on a cable, soldier hanging on a helicopter, military plane, plane in fire, sun, lens flare, fireball, white and black cloud, rain, fire, lightning, UFO, F15 fighter jet, 4 and 8 point stars, motion blur, wall crack, white, red and black square, white, red and black arrow, white, red and black circle, 2-side white and black smoke, stains, 16 frames for your pictures, Pulsar B1509, Orange Sun, Osprey, 2 armadillos, 2 pelicans and 2 fishes.

NEW OBJECTS COMING WITH THIS RELEASE: 64 objects, including several images of astronauts, galaxies, birds, planes, helicopters, birds, weapons, forklift, truck, alligator and space shuttle launching and landing.

- - - - - -
Total: 214 objects**:
- - - - - -

COMPATIBLE with iPod Touch (2nd gen.), iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 running any iOS version from 3 to 4.

* some of these objects require purchasing from inside CameraMagic (in-app purchase).

** CameraMagic comes with 60 free objects and 140 objects you can buy inside the application. You can also buy packs of objects and save money.

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