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Nikon 16.1 Megapixels Coolpix P510 42x SuperZoom Review by ImagingResource

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Samsung 20.3MP NX20 Wireless CSC Camera Review by DCI

2012-08-01 01:38 | Source
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On April 19 2012, Samsung announced three new interchangeable lens camera with Wi-Fi connectvity, Samsung called them compact system cameras (CSC): the NX1000, NX210 and NX20. All three models features a 20.3 Megapixels APS-C sized sensor as well as a 100-12800 ISO range.

The NX1000 is a highly portable compact camera with features such as Smart Auto 2.0 and the Smart Link Hot Key, making it really easy to shoot and share great images instantly. It is available in white, classic black or pink colors. The NX210 comes with a premium metallic finish and offers a 3.0-inch AMOLED display and Full HD movies support. The NX210 allows quick sharing via the Wi-Fi function, whilst with Samsung Mobile Link users can share photos connecting the NX210 wirelessly to internet-enabled TVs. The NX20 comes with the look and feel of a DSLR but smaller and lighter. It delivers speed with its 1/8000s fast shutter and it comes with a 3.0-inch clear AMOLED swivel display. The NX20 also incorporates a range of functions and manual controls including SVGA EVF. As mentioned earlier, all three models come with Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows wireless uploading of images to social networks and also the ability to link to a Samsung smartphone, which will act as a wireless viewfinder and remote control. There's similar features in the company's compacts such as the WB150F, but it's a first for Samsung's ILCs. Incidentally, Nikon's latest DSLR, the D3200, is also Wi-Fi enabled. However, it requires an optional accessory, the WU-1a module at $60. Here's the summary of review of the NX20 by DigitalCameraInfo, giving the camera a rating of 8.3 out of 10:

"Samsung's NX20 is a sharp, comfortable, all-around excellent camera. We had a ton of fun with it, and scored some gorgeous shots over the past few weeks. Test results were consistent, and we have no problem giving our full recommendation here. But--and this is a big "but"--here's the thing about Samsung: by the time an average consumer feels ready to spend over one thousand dollars on a camera, we have doubts about them going with a Samsung over the competition, at least in the U.S. The reason why, we're supposing, is because either that consumer doesn't really care about gear, and they'll go with Canon or Nikon out of brand recognition, or they're gear-heads like us and--recognizing the importance of a lens family--will go with Canon or Nikon, or Pentax, or even Sony. Samsung knows this of course and, seeking a "hook" to set their cameras apart, has gone with integrated WiFi. The problem with WiFi is that it's a huge waste of time. Any photographer who's performed more than five minutes of processing knows that actually getting your shots onto the computer is the easiest, simplest, fastest element of the entire ordeal. Other good ideas based on WiFi do exist in the camera, like Remote Viewfinder, but the dependency on hotspots makes them rather useless in the field. It's impossible to sell high-end customers on a gimmick, they're too smart and simply demand a quality photography tool above all else. Yet, in Samsung's defense, that's exactly what the NX20 is. WiFi can be safely ignored because the rest of the camera is so impressive. Samsung lacks the same experience as some of their competition, and it shows in minor ways, but the NX20 is clearly modeled after a true camera-lover's camera. Manual control is comprehensive, hotkeys and shortcuts are everywhere, and the ergonomic body shape is suited to comfort and stability. We love the bright, sturdy AMOLED monitor that swings out to accommodate difficult angles, and the electronic viewfinder, while imperfect, is still accurate and useful.

The same care has been given to image quality which, plainly, is outstanding. Color accuracy is only adequate but that 18-55mm kit lens is no joke. We recorded some of the sharpest test results of the year and, when combined with this camera's high megapixel sensor, produced stunning levels of detail. Were it not for a bit of software oversharpening, and some fringing at close focal lengths, this camera would've surpassed the entire 2012 field. We also spent some time with Samsung's 60mm macro and 85mm portrait lenses, and although this family is only ten models deep or so, we were very encouraged by the sky-high quality of this glass. The NX series officially has our attention. The NX20 is also at home in low light. Noise reduction is certainly not without its quirks, so you'll want to read the appropriate page of our review, but in general you shouldn't become distracted by artifacts until ISO 3200 and above. The kit lens' excellent optical stabilizer conspires with outstanding noise performance to enable slower shutter speeds in dimmer light, and the focus system remained accurate and dependable even at only 10 lux. We do not recommend the NX20 for video applications, or at the very least, advise you to watch out for repeating patterns. Sharpness is fairly strong during video, and sensitivity isn't bad, however moire is a distracting issue that popped up constantly during our testing. In fairness, we deliberately shoot patterns for scoring, so your results may be different than ours. Still, for the price this is a fairly severe limitation. Ultimately the Samsung NX20 takes up position just behind the excellent Sony NEX-7, and just ahead of the still-impressive Olympus OM-D E-M5, making it one of the best mirrorless cameras of 2012. Believe it or not, $1100 is a fair price for this caliber of camera and in light of the competition. If you're optimistic about the NX lens family (we're believers) then this is a camera that's easily worth buying."

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