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Samsung 20.3 Megapixels NX200 Mirrorless Review by dpreview

2012-02-29 02:12 | Source
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On September 1 2011, Samsung announced the launch of the NX200 compact system camera. The NX200 features a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 7fps high-speed continuous shooting with 100ms Advanced Auto Focus (or 30fps at 5 Megapixels resolution), ISO 100-12,800, Full HD 1080p (H.264) movie recording, and a 3.0-inch AMOLED display with VGA resolution. 

The NX200 supports the Samsung's nine different i-Function 2.0 lenses, which enable toggling between shutter speed, aperture, exposure value (EV), white balance (WB), and ISO through the button and ring on the lens. With the upgraded i-Function 2.0 on the NX200, users can also control six different Smart Filters and the intelli-Zoom function from the lens while in Lens Priority Mode. New lenses for the i-Function system include 18-200mm, 16mm, 60mm and 85mm focal lengths. Both the 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 ED OIS zoom and 60mm F2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA prime are optically stabilized. The NX200 is currently selling at around $699. Here's the summary of review by dpreview, giving the camera a rating of 77 out of 100:

"When the Samsung NX200 was announced in September 2011 it was a month late to snatch the title of the mirrorless system camera with the highest pixel count. It got beaten to that particular title by the more expensive 24MP Sony Alpha NEX-7 (although the Samsung was available for purchase much sooner) but nevertheless the NX200 offers a generous 20MP in a sector of the market that (apart from the NEX-7) currently limits itself to a maximum pixel count of 16MP. Fortunately, the NX200 makes good use of its high pixel count sensor. When shooting at base ISO and default settings, with the right lens (such as the fine 60mm Samsung Macro), the camera captures an impressive amount of fine detail - a result of the combination of the high megapixel sensor, a comparatively weak low-pass filter and sensible default sharpening. The color rendition is natural and while shooting our several hundred sample shots the metering and AF system proved to be very reliable, even in low light and difficult high-contrast situations.

The picture changes a little when the ISO is pushed up, though. You immediately start loosing some fine low contrast detail, and this becomes very obvious beyond ISO 800, with both the smearing effects of noise reduction and a purple shimmer of chroma noise becoming much more intrusive, especially in shadow and low contrast areas of the frame. Noise reduction is pretty aggressive across the ISO range (although, when switched on, it officially only kicks in at ISO 6400) and at the highest ISO settings the NX200 is only really good enough for small output sizes. Especially at ISO 6400 and 12800 the remnants of the chroma noise which has been blurred by noise reduction can be pretty intrusive and can end up almost looking like a opaque purple layer on top of some image areas. Be aware though that even towards the low end of the NX200's ISO sensitivity span, turning its 'Smart Range' dynamic range expansion setting on has a profoundly detrimental effect on shadow detail. Raw processing gives you a minimal increase in detail at base ISO (and the usual post-capture control over some shooting parameters) but it really comes in handy at higher ISOs where you have much better control over noise reduction. The NX200's JPEG engine gets good detail out of the raw data at low sensitivities but at higher ISOs custom noise reduction can often yield better results than the out-of-camera JPEGs.

The Samsung NX200 is a real step forward from its predecessor, the NX100, and it's great to see Samsung, which for years has been a major player in the compact camera arena, up their game a notch in the system camera bracket of the market and launch by launching a camera that is truly enjoyable to use. The NX200 is an obvious choice for anyone who wants lots of pixels in a small package and cannot or does not want to shell out the big bucks for the 24MP Sony NEX-7. Crucially, Samsung's NX lens lineup is pretty well-established now, and contains a range of optics good enough to show off the NX200's 20MP sensor including an excellent 60mm F2.8 Macro and a couple of pancakes. If you're looking for a camera for low-light high-ISO work there are better options around though. As always, with some tweaking in raw conversion, the NX200 can turn out decent high ISO images, but in terms of noise and detail retention, when the light gets low the NX200 is beaten by the best of its mirrorless competition. Ultimately though the NX200 is a fine camera which is capable of producing excellent images. The user interface is intuitive and the panorama and magic modes give you something to play with. As long as you can live with the longer than usual buffering times you should be very happy with the NX200."

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Samsung NX200 Camera Reviews Roundup

Camera Labs - May 03 2012
"Samsung has its work cut out for attempting to take a slice of the compact system camera market. Best known for its value for money point and shoot compacts, it lacks the pedigree of competitors like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and, to a lesser degree Panasonic, who have a track record of producing pro and semi pro cameras as well as a loyal customer base o..." More »
84out of 100
CNET US - Mar 31 2012
"I've felt guilty about not getting to this camera sooner given how much I liked the photos from the preproduction unit I'd tested. It really does produce excellent photos, given its price tag of less than $1,000. Combined with its relatively clean images off the sensor, its noise profile is quite good. The eagle-eyed will still see artifacts -- especially i..." More »
76out of 100
Imaging Resource - Mar 13 2012
"It's a good thing the design of the NX200 isn't the only thing Samsung changed. While we genuinely liked the looks of the stylish previous model, the NX100, we had issues with its JPEG image quality when shooting at high ISOs. The all-black, 20.3MP NX200, a compact system camera which looks like a sleek, futuristic DSLR, is not only a better performer at th..." More »
Not Rated
CNET UK - Feb 14 2012
"The NX200 did a great job of capturing our still-life set-up, in which we gathered a collection of everyday objects with differing colours and surface textures (above). We set the aperture to f/16, to keep the scene sharp from front to back, and shot it three times -- with only the room's ambient light, using the screw-on flash and under studio lighting.&nb..." More »
90out of 100

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One charge lasts the whole day and it is very good for sightseeing and other day trips, Vivek Kommineni - Aug 17 2014
Verified Purchase ( This camera does everything you need it to do and it is very energy efficient. One charge lasts the whole day and it is very good for sightseeing and other day trips. The Low ISO came in very handy at museums that did not allow flash photography, while everyone was putting away their cameras I was able to snap away....

Awesome Camera!, Matt Wendorf - Aug 28 2013
This thing is great and has all the bells and whistles you need to get into photography. My only disappointment was that Samsung seemed remove this camera from their lineup and it does not support a shutter release....

Awesome Camera!, Matt Wendorf - Aug 28 2013
Verified Purchase ( This thing is great and has all the bells and whistles you need to get into photography. My only disappointment was that Samsung seemed remove this camera from their lineup and it does not support a shutter release....

NX200 review, Sotirios KARPOUZIS - Feb 17 2013
This camera delivers excellent quality photos overall. At a price below USD 400 it is a value for money item....

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