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Panasonic Announces Lumix DMC-TS3 (aka DMC-FT3) Rugged Camera Waterproof 40 ft.

2011-01-25 09:43
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Panasonic today announces the LUMIX DMC-TS3 (aka DMC-FT3), a rugged camera supporting 1920 x 1080 full-High Definition videos. The 12.1 Megapixels DMC-FT3 is waterproof to 40 feet (12m), shockproof to 6.6 feet (2m), freezeproof to 14 degrees F (-10 degrees C) and dustproof. It also comes with a 4.6x, 28mm wide-angle zoom lens, 2.7-inch LCD at 230,000 dots with wide-viewing angle and Anti-Reflection coating, 1920 x 1080 full-HD movie recording, 3D photo Mode, GPS functionality, a compass, altimeter and even a barometer. 

The TS3 will be available in March 2011 and pricing will be announced approximately 30 days prior to shipping date. The TS3 will be available in red, orange, silver, and blue. Check out the following press announcement for more details:

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New LUMIX TS3 is Waterproof*1, Shockproof*2, Freezeproof, Dustproof*1, and Adds Full-HD Video Recording, a New 3D Photo Mode & Easy Facebook and YouTube Uploads

SECAUCUS, NJ (January 25, 2011) - Panasonic today introduces the LUMIX DMC-TS3, specifically designed for active users who want to capture high-quality photos and 1920 x 1080 full-High Definition videos, incorporating a powerful rugged design and new outdoor-friendly features, such as a built-in GPS function, a compass, altimeter and barometer.  The new 12.1-megapixel LUMIX TS3 further strengthens its toughness, when compared to its LUMIX TS2 predecessor,  and is now waterproof to approximately 40 feet (12m)*1; shockproof to approximately 6.6 feet (2m) *2; freezeproof to 14ºF (-10 degrees C); and dustproof*1.

The Panasonic LUMIX TS3 also features the new Panasonic 3D Photo mode, which produces a realistic 3D photo by taking 20 consecutive photos and overlays the two best to create a 3D image that can then be played on a Panasonic VIERA 3D HDTV. The format of 3D images is compatible with MPO, and can also be played back on other MPO-compatible equipment such as a televisions, digital photo frames and printers.  Panasonic also adds the LUMIX Image Uploader, for seamless and instant sharing via Facebook (for digital photos) or YouTube (for videos). Users can checkmark the photo or video files they want to share, connect it to a PC with the included USB cable or by inserting the SD Memory Card directly into the PC's SD Card slot, and then the uploading automatically launches with an easy-to-follow menu option.

"The LUMIX TS3 is Panasonic's 'take anywhere' digital camera - whether it is for carefree, everyday shooting with its easy-to-use features, high-quality lens and video capabilities, or for the active user who will appreciate the rugged design in any season - for activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, diving, snorkeling," said David Briganti, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. "Last year's LUMIX TS2 was a highly-regarded rugged camera and with the TS3, we just built on its success with new features, like GPS, a compass, altimeter and barometer, making this the ultimate camera for the outdoor user."

The Panasonic LUMIX TS3 features a 28mm wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens, complete with a folded optics design. With an optical zoom up to 4.6x, the LUMIX TS3 works even while shooting video - giving the user the flexibility for a variety of different scenes - especially underwater, where movement is often restricted and the angle of view becomes important for composing shots.  Thanks to the newly incorporated Intelligent Resolution technology, the Intelligent Zoom is available and extends the zoom to 6x equivalent.

Empowered by a newly developed 12.1-megapixel Hi-Speed CCD sensor, the LUMIX TS3 is compatible with high-speed, large-capacity signal processing required for 1920 x 1080 full-HD AVCHD video recording and high speed continuous shooting. The advanced image processor, the Venus Engine FHD, powers Panasonic's Intelligent Resolution and the Sonic Speed AF, allows for a shutter release time lag as short as approximately 0.005 second.

Beyond full-HD video recording capabilities, LUMIX TS3 excels in shooting videos with a Dolby® Digital Creator so audio quality is also high.  The built-in LED light greatly supports shooting in dark situations. The LUMIX TS3 also features a 2.7-inch, 230,000-dot Intelligent LCD screen with wide-viewing angle and Anti-Reflection coating.

Panasonic's iA Mode, a suite of technologies that engage automatically, has evolved for more powerful image stabilization while video recording and taking still photos with Active Mode which boosts POWER OIS to excel in suppressing blur when recording videos at wide angle while walking. Other features of iA include: POWER OIS, Face Recognition, Face Detection, AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector and Intelligent Exposure. With iA, taking beautiful photos is possible for users at any skill level. In addition, the Intelligent Resolution technology is always activated in the iA mode, which helps produce even clearer photos by precisely performing signal processing pixel by pixel to help ensure clear and sharp images.

The newly-integrated GPS function, shows the name of the Country/Region, State/Prov./County, County/Township, City/Town/Village and Landmark by using the internal data to give users details on where the photos or videos were taken.  The area information covers 203 countries or regions for global users. Plus, more than 1,000,000 landmarks over 78 countries or regions are in the database. Using the included software PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.1 HD Lite Edition, photos and videos can be searched by location and names. The LUMIX TS3 also features an internal clock that automatically adjusts to the local time when GPS is enabled - a handy feature for travelers.

The LUMIX TS3 will be available in March 2011 and pricing will be announced approximately 30 days prior to shipping date. The LUMIX TS3 will be available in red, orange, silver, and blue. For more on these Panasonic LUMIX models, please visit

*1 Waterproof/dustproof performance complies with the "IPX8" and "IP6X" ratings. Provided the care and maintenance guidelines described in this document are strictly followed, this camera can operate underwater, to a depth not exceeding 12 m for a time not exceeding 60 minutes. This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions.
*2 Anti-shock performance complies with "MIL-STD 810F Method 516.5-Shock" of the U.S. Defense Department, which specifies performing drop tests from a height of 122 cm, at 26 orientations (8 corners, 12 ridges, 6 faces) using 5 sets of devices, and passing the 26 orientation drops within 5 devices. (If failure occurs during the test, a new set is used to pass the drop orientation test within a total of 5 devices). The camera has cleared a drop test from a height of 2 m onto 3 cm thick plywood. In most cases this camera should not sustain any damage if dropped from a height not exceeding 2 m. This drop test was passed. (Disregarding appearance change such as loss of paint or distortion of the part where drop impact is applied). This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions.

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Panasonic DMC-TS3 Camera Reviews Roundup

DigitalReview - Nov 08 2011
"With a rugged protective design, underwater capabilities, GPS tagging and advanced measuring technologies (compass, barometer and altimeter), the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 lends itself well to active lifestyle, family and travel type photography. Based on our tests with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3, the 4.6x optical zoom with Mega Optical Image Stabilizer..." More »
85out of 100
Digital Camera Info - Sep 29 2011
"Panasonic has had a few years of experience in the tough-cam market. The TS1 was tough for the sake of being tough, almost like a test run for Panasonic to prove to themselves that they could put a decent adventure camera together. The TS2 actually took good photos, one of the first tough-cams to pull off that feat. The third-generation TS3 shows a lev..." More »
Not Rated
Steve's Digicam - Sep 11 2011
"The image quality of our outdoor sample images was surprisingly disappointing. Areas of overexposure are evident with just a glance at the photos. When looking closer, we also see some edge softness and a great deal of noise in shadow and lower light areas. Only with the Firehouse shot was the camera able to pull it all together and produce the excellent qu..." More »
Not Rated
ePhotoZine - Jul 04 2011
"The FT3 consistently takes well exposed images with good reproduction of colours. At both ends of the lens detail is really good throughout the images. The digital zoom image below combines both intelligent and digital zoom, for a total of 24.2x optical zoom. When switching the camera to macro mode it can focus down to just 5cm and superb looking macro imag..." More »
80out of 100

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Great camera, as long as it doesn't get wet..., Courtney Glass - Jul 09 2014
Verified Purchase ( This camera is excellent for land-based adventures. Recently went snorkeling in the Bahamas. I'm not exactly a fan of the water, so I never left the surface, and certainly did not reach the recommended maximum depth of 40 feet. I completed all of the recommended pre-checks before I entered the water, and all went well twice. The third time, no j...

GREAT underwater camera, Matthew Beach - May 20 2014
Verified Purchase ( Bought this for my wife a few years ago, and it still works great. The display on the LCD screen has a slight lag, but the pictures always come out beautiful. i have dropped the camera a few times, and the resulting damage is only a few dings here and there. I've taken it swimming and snorkeling, and never had any problems with this this. DEFINITEL...

I love this camera!!!!, Abby Del Valle - May 20 2014
Verified Purchase ( I bought this camera when i was going on a cruise and at the time i had compared it with the GoPro and it was a better option at the time. GoPro was more video and i wanted more photo while still being able to shoot HD video at 1080p. Now, 3 years later i ended up getting a GoPro 3+ Black edition but I still have my Panasonic Lumix and won't get ri...

if waterproof is important avoid this camera and the new ts5 as well, J. Solberg - May 14 2014
I bought this camera in 2011 to take to the Mayan Riviera snorkeling. Pro's: took some very acceptable photos and video while it lasted. Cons: before leaving for the Mexico trip for which this camera was purchased, i filmed about 15 minutes underwater in the Canadian Rockies when fly-fishing, no problem (amazing video actually, was very pleased and excited at this point). then a...

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