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Olympus 14 Megapixels Tough TG-310 Waterproof Review by CNET

2011-03-30 02:05 | Source
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On January 5 2011, Olympus announced two new Tough digital compact cameras - the TG-610 and TG-310. The new Tough cameras are Waterproof (to 16 feet for the TG-610 and 10 feet for the TG-310), Shockproof (to 5 feet) and Freezeproof (to 14 degrees Fahrenheit). Both features a 14 Megapixels, high-definition (HD) video, wide-angle optical zoom lenses (5x on the TG-610 and 3.6x on the TG-310), dual image stabilization and Eye-Fi card compatibility. 

The TG-610 and TG-310 can shoot 720p HD videos while the TG-610 also comes with automatic Underwater Snapshot Mode and a large, 920,000 dot, high-resolution HyperCrystal III LCD. The Olympus TG-610 is available in silver, black, blue and red for $299, and the Olympus TG-310 in silver, blue, red, white and orange for $199. Here's the summary of review of the TG-310 by CNET UK, giving the camera a rating of 3.5 out of 5:

"The camera's underwater performance is actually quite good, as demonstrated by this view of our sink (click image to enlarge).
Olympus has included a 3D mode. Without two lenses, the camera needs to take two separate pictures and overlap them. The effect is hit and miss, and you'll need a compatible 3D screen of some kind to view the results, as the TG-310's own monitor isn't capable of displaying more than two dimensions -- and it doesn't even do that particularly well. In fact, the TG-310 has one of the least pleasant LCD screens we've seen in a while. At 2.7 inches, it's not particularly small, but its resolution is on the low side, at 230,000 pixels. Colours are horribly flat, contrast levels are all over the place and it just makes everything look slightly rubbish, which isn't very useful when it's the only tool you have to line up your shots. The TG-310's performance is also something of a letdown. Even in bright sunlight, colours can veer from being bland to over-exaggerated. Detail isn't bad and the area of focus tends to stay sharp, but there's plenty of noise, especially in shadows and solid colours, and there's more purple fringing than we'd like. Indoors, the TG-310 is quick to add further picture artefacts in areas of shadow. The camera's 720p videos aren't brilliant. They're good for occasional YouTube uploads, but not a great deal else.

The Olympus Tough TG-310 offers fairly good value for money, although its durability is more impressive than its performance. Also, its fiddly controls and poor-quality LCD screen conspire to make it feel rather underwhelming. Still, if you're into extreme sports, adventure holidays or anything else that might expose a camera to wet, cold or otherwise harsh conditions, the TG-310 will be worth considering."

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Olympus TG-310 Camera Reviews Roundup

ePhotoZine - Oct 05 2011
"The TG-310 takes really well exposed images with great colour reproduction. The wide-angle image below was taken on a really bright day and there is some purple fringing in the trees. Detail, although better in the centre of the images, is good throughout the images. With a minimum focus distance of just 2cm, the camera takes really good macro images when u..." More »
80out of 100
Trusted Reviews - Jun 10 2011
"Used in good light and at low sensitivities the TG-310 is capable of pleasing results. Metering is reliably accurate with the camera striking a good balance when faced by high-contrast scenes. We did, on occasion though, encounter issues with banding (posterization) usually in bright skies contrasted against darkly shaded areas. Aside from this, colour..." More »
70out of 100

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Olympus TG-310 Camera Recent User Reviews

Very Tough, G. Faist - Jul 23 2014
We have a number of these cameras for general contract work. They take quality pictures and a lot of abuse and keep going. I lost one last November and didn't find it until late spring. It was in the lying in the muddy equipment parking lot for over 6 months of rain, frosts and sun. I wiped it off plugged it in and downloaded the pictures. I thought just being able to do that was gre...

Five Stars, Robert C. Peurifoy - Jul 11 2014
Verified Purchase ( It was a good present for our son...

Has lasted a long time, Kim - Jun 27 2014
Verified Purchase ( I bought this camera over a year ago and we use it 5 nights a week to take before and after photos at our job sites where it is greasy and wet. I download the photos every week and charge the battery for the next week. I have not bought a new battery yet. It gets abused in the rough job environment but it still works and the pictures look great....

Incredibly rugged and water proof, Arthur Heyman - Jun 23 2014
Verified Purchase ( Incredibly rugged and water proof. It must have dropped out of my winter jacket pocket while I was kayaking, ( bailing water out of the rowboat), and by the time I realized it was gone it must have floated away ( it was in a black foam pouch/ case). A search of the rocks at low tide showed nothing; the direction of the wind and tide suggested it en...

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