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Nikon Showcase D800 DSLR Video Capabilities with Photographer Sandro

2012-02-08 03:30
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Nikon and Photographer Sandro Miller have teamed-up to showcase the new D800's video capabilities. Joy Ride is a short film shot with the D800 in a variety of lighting conditions, including a motorcycle sequence where the D800 was strapped to the bike. There's also a behind-the-scenes video which goes into a little more depth about how the impressive Nikon D800 was used.

Director: Sandro
Editor: Alaster Jordan / Whitehouse
Music: Yessian
Production: Cap Gun

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Nikon D800 Camera Reviews Roundup

PhotographyLife - Apr 21 2013
"While the Nikon D4 is the proper tool for sports and wildlife photography due to its faster speed and extreme ISO capabilities, many photographers are also looking at the Nikon D800 for sports and wildlife photography. First, the high-resolution sensor could give some "reach" opportunities with plenty of options to crop in-camera (DX mode) or in p..." More »
100out of 100
LetsGoDigital - Apr 02 2013
"The Nikon D800 is ready to use in no time. The camera is activated within 0.12 seconds, and the shutter lag has been reduced to about 0.042 seconds. At that speed, the D800 competes with its big brother, the D4. Nevertheless, the D800 is not an action photography camera. With the possibility of capturing a maximum of 4 images per second, this Full Frame cam..." More »
90out of 100
NeoCamera - Jan 29 2013
"The Nikon D800 has been grabbing headlines and accolades since it was launched. Its class-leading 36 MP resolution delivers 50% more resolution than ever seen from a DSLR, opening up the potential for huge and highly detailed prints. Its CMOS sensor delivers very low image-noise with nearly noise-free results until ISO 1600 at full-resolution. Even tho..." More »
100out of 100
Digital Camera Review - Jan 25 2013
"Still image quality was stellar. Our test shots showed excellent dynamic range with and without D-Lighting, which can be set at different levels to help retain shadow and highlight detail. Exposure was pretty much spot on and colors were naturally rendered but well-saturated. I tested the camera with the Nikon 18-36mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 24-120mm lenses...." More »
90out of 100

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Nikon D800 Camera Recent User Reviews

This camera is simply awesome and produces such BEAUTIFUL picture, Amazon Customer - Aug 12 2014
This camera is simply awesome and produces such BEAUTIFUL picture. Granted, I'm not too fond of the autofocus when recording video, but either way its an AMAZING camera and MORE than worth the money....

this camera is the best. ignore what they say about the MP issue, jennifer "Jennifer" - Jul 21 2014
Verified Purchase ( this camera is the best. ignore what they say about the MP issue. it's totally fine. it doesn't take that long to convert to jpeg, unless your computer is from 1995. i don't mind the file sizes, at all. and the camera hasn't had even ONE glitch. it has run 100% at every event i've shot. not to mention the speed and sturdiness of this little guy. th...

Excellent Camera, JR. Byrge - Jul 19 2014
I've been shooting for a long time and this is by far my favorite camera. My first digital SLR was the Nikon D70, then I bumped up to the D300s and now this is awesome in terms of technology. Because of the file size, it's not a speed demon when shooting sports, but that is not why I bought this camera. With it's high ISO capabilities and excellent picture quality, I don't know why I...

What a dream!, Heatherr - Jul 19 2014
This camera takes fabulous photos. The crisp and clear images makes your amateur photos, become professional. My first camera started off with the D3000 to the D7000, and now I make the jump to Full Frame and couldn't be happier! Should of upgraded a long time ago. Only down side is the body of the camera is heavy, and it should of came with built in WiFi....

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