Olympus 16.1 Megapixels E-M5 Rugged Mirrorless Camera First Look Review by DCR

Olympus 16.1 Megapixels E-M5 Rugged Mirrorless Camera Review by ImagingResource

Nikon Releases Firmware v1.11 for Nikon 1 J1 and V1 Mirrorless Cameras

2012-02-08 06:00
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Nikon today releases a firmware update to its Nikon 1 cameras, the J1 and v1. The new firmware version is A 1.11/B 1.10 for both models, which provide fixes of the following:

  •  An issue that sometimes caused images captured using the Speedlight SB-N5 to be over-exposed has been resolved.
  • When switching from framing photos in the monitor to using the electronic viewfinder, or vice versa, with focus mode set to MF (manual focus) and the display zoomed in, the camera sometimes did not function properly.  This issue has been resolved.

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Nikon V1 Mirrorless Camera Reviews Roundup

Fstoppers - Oct 29 2012
"The V1 produces sharp, stunning images, as do most of these high-quality mirrorless cameras today. However, it is built on a platform that leaves room for only a small sensor -- the CX mount. It's an entirely new format that's bigger than the 1/1.7" sensor, but also quite a bit smaller than the four-thirds sensor, let alone the much larger ASP-C format..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Info - Jun 29 2012
"When Nikon announced their new "1 System" of compact interchangeable lens cameras, they debuted with two models, the J1 and the V1. The cameras are the first digital Nikon cameras to utilize an entirely new lens mount system, and an image sensor that is smaller than those used in competing cameras from Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung. The qu..." More »
74out of 100
LuminousLandscape - Jun 07 2012
"No lab tests, but several hundred frames of real-world shooting tells the tale. In a word, image quality is fine, especially for images that will be used in smaller print sizes and online. But due to the limitations of a 10MP sensor quality larger prints and strong cropping are not as easily achieved. If there weren't competing cameras with great 16MP senso..." More »
Not Rated
Imaging Resource - Apr 03 2012
"In the decades I've been writing camera reviews, this one has to be the one that has been the most involved. I took over 700 shots with the Nikon V1, roughly 80 with the 10mm prime, 460 with the 10-30mm, and another 160 with the 30-110mm. That entailed 58 focal lengths, 19 apertures, and 31 shutter speeds. ISO varied over the whole range as well, with over..." More »
Not Rated

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