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Nikon Coolpix L820 30x SuperZoom Compact Review by ePhotoZine

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On January 29 2013, Nikon refreshed its Coolpix L, P, and S ranges with the Nikon Coolpix 30x L820, 42x P520, and 22x S9500 models. Both the P520 and S9500 feature optional Wi-Fi connectivity for sending images and videos from their camera directly to a compatible smart device through the Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application. The P520 features a 18.1 Megapixels backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor, a wide 24mm to 1000mm (35mm equivalent) lens with lens-shift Vibration Reduction (VR), 3.2-inch Vari-Angle LCD monitor, Full HD (1080p) video recording with stereo sound, and a built-in GPS. 

The L820 30x SuperZoom compact comes with a 16 Megapixels CMOS sensor, a super wide-angle lens from 22.5mm to 675mm with Vibration Reduction (VR) technology, 3-inch LCD, and powered by AA-size batteries. The L820 is available for $279.95 in Black and Red. Here's the summary of review by ePhotoZine, giving the camera a rating of 4 out of 5:

"Images are well exposed with good colour reproduction. Portraits have decent skin tones and are free of red-eye when using the flash. The last two pictures below have been taken using the zoom at its longest length - great for shooting wildlife. Detail is decent at both ends of the lens, although a little soft in the corners. There is a slight hint of purple fringing in places, but it's fairly well controlled. The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 1cm which allows for a good macro shot to be taken. Images are low in noise at ISO 125 and 200, but they do become softer at ISO 400. Noise increases a touch at ISO 800 with detail lost and very soft images produced at ISO 1600. Noise causes a lot of detail to be lost at ISO 3200. Under the incandescent lights, the auto white balance (AWB) and incandescent preset perform well, taking almost identical images. Under the fluorescent lights the AWB performs well, with a magenta cast when using the fluorescent preset.

The Nikon Coolpix L820 packs plenty of zoom and image quality is good. If you like shooting wide landscapes, you'll appreciate the wide 22.5mm lens, you can also zoom in to isolate your subject. It is quite heavy, but the screen has a decent resolution and the hand grip is rubberised. We also like the full 1080p HD video recording, battery life, 8 fps continuous shooting and the range of colours available."

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Nikon Coolpix L820 Camera Reviews Roundup

Camera Labs - Nov 08 2013
"Super-zooms are mostly about lenses so lets talk about that first. Like the PowerShot SX510 HS, the Nikon COOLPIX L820 has a 30x stabilised optical zoom. The range isn't quite the same - the COOLPIX L810 starts at at unusually wide 22.5mm equivalent super-wide angle, which could be an attraction if you shoot a lot of landscapes or interiors. The drawback is..." More »
81out of 100
TechRadar - Oct 17 2013
"Though you won't be able to fit the Nikon L820 into the pocket of your jeans without a rather uncomfortable and unsightly squeeze, the body is sized to fit into a roomier jacket pocket. You could wear it on a strap around your neck, perhaps, but then it may just appear to casual passers-by that someone has shrunk your DSLR in the wash. Either that or you're..." More »
80out of 100
CNET US - Oct 12 2013
"As with most entry-level point-and-shoots, you'll want to give the L820 as much light as possible. Photos are best at and below ISO 200. As the sensitivity increases, so do the noise and smeary details from noise reduction. Also, colors appear slightly washed-out and muddy from noise at ISO 800 and above. This, combined with the increased softness at higher..." More »
70out of 100
Photography BLOG - May 22 2013
"The L820 doesn't seem to fit into the L series of the Nikon range at all. The L stands for Lifestyle and stands for ease of use, simplicity and is aimed at photographers with a point and shoot outlook. The L820 offers much more than this. It has over-riding features, such as ISO and white-balance, that the L series generally stay away from. Don't get us wro..." More »
80out of 100

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