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Nikon 24.3 Megapixels D600 Full-Frame DSLR Hands-on Review by ePhotoZine

2012-09-16 02:45 | Source
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On September 13 2012, Nikon announced the 24.3 Megapixels D600 full-frame DSLR camera. The D600 features a newly developed Multi-CAM4800 39-point AF system, 14-bit analogue-to-digital conversion, a glass prism optical viewfinder with 100% frame coverage, ISO 100-6400 (expandable from 50-25,600), dual SD card slots with SDXC and UHS-I support, a dual-axis virtual horizon, bursts shooting at 5.5 fps at full resolution with full AF, in camera HDR exposure blending and a Multi-area D-Movie mode offering Full HD video capture at a variety of frame rates and the ability to output an uncompressed live video stream at 1080p to external recorders. 

The D600 can record Full HD 1080p video at 30, 25 or 24p, and 720p at 60, 50 and 30p. When shooting HD video at the highest quality setting, up to 20 minutes can be recorded, or up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds in normal quality. It also comes with a large 3.2-inch 921K dot LCD screen. The optional WU-1b Mobile Adapter is a wireless mobile adapter that allows images to be transferred directly to any smartphone or tablet, and enables the camera to be controlled remotely via the smart device. The Nikon D600 will be available on September 18, 2012 for $2,099.95 body only, or $2,699.95 with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens. The WU-1b is listed for $59.95, while the MB-D14 Multi Power Battery Pack is listed for $322.00. Here's the summary of hands-on preview by ePhotoZine:

"There were about sixty of us (56 men and 4 women. Why?) crammed into a windowless room with five cameras to look at between us, so only an impression could be gained, as we jostled to get our hands on one. They say the image performance is up there with the D4 and D800, no doubt Josh will be able to tell us when he does a full test. Picking up the camera the first thing that strikes you is the size and weight, at 760 gms (body ex battery) it's comfortably lighter than say a Canon 5D MK II at 850 gms. It fits very nicely in the hand, cameras really don't need to be bigger than this. For the technical again, it has lots of knobs and button's, so no surprises there.  The Nikon D600 priced at £1955 makes it the cheapest new full frame Digital SLR, up against the 36.3 megapixel Nikon D800 at around £2399, the 24.3 megapixel Sony Alpha a99 at around £2500, and the 22.3 megapixel Canon EOS 5D Mark III for around £2600.

Until very recently when I decided it would be nice to do some time lapse photography, I had never heard the lovely word intervalometer, yesterday I heard it again. The D600 has an inbuilt one, no need to buy one (£130 for a Canon). So, I think the market is telling us that full frame is the way forward, and what the market wants the market gets. This camera is a great addition to the full frame line up. I would have predicted a stampede to buy this camera, but at £1955.99 I suspect it will be more like an orderly queue."

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Steve's Digicam - Mar 19 2013
"Looking at our outdoor image samples we have a very detailed, sharp and well exposed image. All of our outdoor samples were taken in both Program and Auto shooting modes. The camera's auto mode produced a more vivid image with deeper colors and more contrast than the normal picture control setting for program. We did see a better exposure with the auto sett..." More »
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Digital Camera Review - Feb 28 2013
"The D600 certainly delivers where it counts and image quality is excellent. On default settings, test shots were very good but adjusting various parameters elevated the quality even more. Exposures were almost always spot on thanks to the camera's excellent matrix metering system. Equally as impressive is the camera's auto white balance, which -- like the s..." More »
90out of 100
PopPhoto - Jan 25 2013
"The D600's imaging proved well above economy class, with an Excellent rating in overall image quality in our tests from ISO 50 through ISO 3200. Its resolution was particularly impressive: 2930 lines per picture height at its lowest sensitivity of ISO 50. Furthermore, resolution didn't drop below our threshold of 2500 lines until its top ISO of 25,600..." More »
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Digital Camera Info - Dec 15 2012
"Nikon's D800 turned out to be one of 2012's most surprising success stories. As attention shifted from the 5D Mark III's lukewarm debut and onto the D800's huge 36.3 megapixel sensor, it reignited the age-old megapixel war, a war we believed over. Now, Nikon has attempted to deliver a smaller, cheaper, yet still compelling alternative to one of the year's b..." More »
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The quality of the enlargements are amazing. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 ..., Neville D. - Oct 16 2014
Verified Purchase ( The quality of the enlargements are amazing. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because right from day 1 there were what looked like oil spots on the sensor. These can be taken out quite easily during editing but they should not be there on a new product. 2 days after getting the camera I left the US for 4 months using the camera every day. I never talked...

good morning. I could resolve a doubt, David Ramirez - Oct 06 2014
Verified Purchase ( good morning. I could resolve a doubt. I bought a Nikon D600 and the machine has a malfunction which produces is watering oil. I never uncover the machine. I wonder if that machine the change. Thank you....

Great value now, T. Wood - Sep 24 2014
Verified Purchase ( Had the D600 for 2 years now. Had it repaired from the sensor splatter problem- no problem since; the manufacturer performed better than many! Takes wonderful shots, have won 7 newspaper sports award with it. Great scenic shots. Full frame is the bomb, but folks getting a rig like this know that already. Only slight wish is that the focus area...

Mine was ok, sold it quickly, J. Doyle "Power User" - Sep 24 2014
Verified Purchase ( All is well, I was lucky not to get one of the polluted bodies. Sure, they'll replace the shutter...but no product with such a low Quality Assurance program gets 5 stars. I sold it on eBay before I experienced problems, lost money but don't worry about the Canon 6D I bought to replace it....

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