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Nikon 14 Megapixels Coolpix S4100 Stylish Compact Review by DCI

2011-05-09 02:08 | Source
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On February 8 2011, Nikon announced four new stylish compact cameras - Coolpix S6100, S4100, S3100 and S9100. The S4100 and S3100 feature 14 Megapixels resolution with a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens. The S4100 comes with a 3-inch (460,000-dot) touch screen,while the slim S3100 comes with 2.7-inch LCD screen. Touch features include Touch AF, Touch Shutter, Touch Subject Tracking, menus, and image playback. The S4100 is listed for retail at $179.95 MSRP in plum, silver, red and black. Here's the summary of review by DigitalCameraInfo:

"The Nikon Coolpix S4100 gave a strong showing in our resolution tests, improving on some of its predecessors weaknesses. Last year's S4000 produced somewhat soft images and lacked the crispness that you get with a more expensive camera. The S4100 ranks right up there with the best point-and-shoots, outscoring cameras that cost nearly twice as much. Well done, Nikon. More on how we test resolution. As with the S4000 last year, distortion is not a problem for the S4100. Even with the increase in optical zoom from 4x to 5x, there is virtually no trace of distortion at any focal length. In fact, the lens showed the least amount of distortion when the camera was zoomed all the way in to a 23mm focal length. Nikon made some minor strides in sharpness this year, improving the S4100's performance to an average sharpness of over 1600 lw/ph. Last year's model averaged around 1550 lw/ph and had a significantly lower maximum sharpness. This spells good news for consumers that are often doing zoomed crops of photos. The biggest boon for Nikon fans is the superb reduction in chromatic aberration. Chromatic aberration is a kind of discolored artifacting that often pops up in photos-especially along areas of high contrast. The S4100 is certainly not lacking in this unfortunate feature, but chromatic aberration is less pervasive than it was on the S4000.

We were happy to see Nikon continue its strong Coolpix tradition with the S4100 (MSRP $179.95). It improves on its S4000 predecessor with some added features and a new lens, but several areas of performance were a disappointment. Color accuracy remained strong, but noise and stabilization scores saw a significant drop. The wider aperture range of the new lens helps with some autofocus issues we saw on last year's model, and the new lens also comes with an increase in sharpness."

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Nikon Coolpix S4100 Camera Reviews Roundup

digitalcameraHQ - Jun 22 2011
"Image quality is unspectacular for the price, though not bad. Exposures are generally balanced and eye-pleasing, though occasionally underexposed. Colors are accurate, leaning towards vibrant but sometimes jaundiced (white balance can clear that up, though the touchscreen is the obstacle there, once again). Shots taken in bright light are almost always clea..." More »
75out of 100

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Nikon Coolpix S4100 Camera Recent User Reviews

Good camera, not great, Ron Rossmann - Sep 23 2014
Verified Purchase ( Good camera, not great, which is disappointing for a Nikkon. Takes too long to take a focused pic which can be frustrating. There is better tech out there in the same price range....

- Sep 05 2014

- Sep 05 2014

- Sep 05 2014

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