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Fujifilm 16MP FinePix F600EXR 15x Zoom Review by Pocket-lint

2011-12-07 12:54 | Source
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On August 11 2011, Fujifilm announced the Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR digital travelzoom camera, follow-up to the FinePix F550EXR camera. It comes with a 16 Megapixels EXR CMOS sensor, GPS Landmark Navigator, raw image capture and both automatic and manual exposure modes. 

The FinePix F600 EXR features a 15x optical zoom, which offers the 35mm equivalent of a 24-360mm lens. With intelligent digital zoom, the F600 EXR's zoom range offers double the telephoto power. Cameras featuring a conventional digital zoom functionality boost sharpness during processing by enhancing the edges of all objects in the frame. However, this also increases noise in unwanted areas of the image, leading to lower quality results. Fujifilm's intelligent digital zoom assesses areas of contrast within an image and applies selective processing to the sections of the image where sharpness can be boosted without lowering image quality. This ensures that digital noise is not increased uniformly across the frame so results are much improved. The camera also features a new EXR Auto mode with a Motion Detection capability, making it better at deciding whether it needs to raise the ISO sensitivity to capture a blur-free shot in a low-light situation. The GPS Landmark Navigator helps you pin-point interesting landmarks around you and shows you where they are in relation to your current location. Additionally, the Fujifilm FinePix F600 EXR offers an enhanced Motion Panorama mode for 360° panoramic images and a continuous shooting mode with frame rates up to 8fps at full resolution. For users preferring to capture video footage, the FinePix F600EXR offers full HD 1080p movie capture with stereo sound and a high speed movie option for freezing fast moving action at up to 320 fps. The F600EXR is listed with a retail price of $350, same as the previous F550EXR model. The FinePix F600EXR is currently selling at around $257. Here's the summary of review by Pocket-lint, giving the camera a rating of 4 out of 5:

"We're not going to get too annoyed over a lack of major changes, however, as the F600's feature list in isolation makes it look like one smashing little camera. However the F600EXR's images are a mixed bag in many respects. While the 16-megapixel resolution captures reasonable levels of detail, shots aren't always quite up to scratch. There's some evidence of over-processing that, while not a complete write-off by any means, does bring into question the significant 16 megapixel resolution. But it's the EXR mode that goes on to explain the pixel density: the "half resolution" shots captured at 8-megapixels in this mode are more than resolute enough and, depending on which setting is being used, bring the benefit of lower image noise and higher dynamic range. It's the Wide Dynamic Range 1600% that takes two exposures - one for the highlights and the other for shadows - in order to combine them in a single frame. High sensitivity, low noise (SN), on the other hand, uses pairs of pixels for an increased signal that returns a lower-noise shot. What makes the F600 extra special is the inclusion of raw shooting. It's a rather uncommon feature to find in compact cameras at this level and will be one major draw for prospective buyers. The EXR array is unique to Fujifilm cameras and is a design implemented at the sensor level. We just feel as though the full-resolution shots should have a little more "oomph" to them, or we'd rather that the camera was just marketed as an 8MP compact instead, as this is where its best abilities are.

If we take the F600EXR at face value then there's plenty to like - though the changes since the previous F550EXR model are so minimal that there's barely a difference between the two cameras. On the upside, this does mean that the F600EXR is packed with features that will make it an attractive purchase, most notably the 15x zoom, GPS technology, 8fps burst mode and 1080p HD movie. On the downside, the full-resolution image quality isn't as top-spec as the excellent Raw capture option might suggest, but slip the camera into the 8-megapixel EXR modes and the results are more impressive."

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Fuji Finepix F600EXR Camera Reviews Roundup

Digital Camera Review - Feb 13 2012
"On paper the F600EXR has an excellent movie mode, with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps (29 minute maximum recording time), stereo sound, optical zoom, auto focus, auto exposure and auto white balance available while recording. While I was able to achieve some nice footage, I found that the camera consistently had problems maintaining focus. Th..." More »
80out of 100
CNET US - Jan 19 2012
"As with most compact cameras, photo quality really comes down to expectations and what you plan to do with your photos. In general, the F600EXR's photos are very good and it is capable of taking some excellent shots. However, it may take a lot of adjusting of settings, shooting in raw, or experimenting with its EXR modes to get the best results. If that's n..." More »
70out of 100
TechRadar - Dec 10 2011
"In terms of build quality and feature set, the Fuji FinePix F600 EXR betters most propositions around the £250 mark. Design-wise too it makes the leader among travel zooms - the Panasonic Lumix TZ20 - look almost utilitarian. Ironically this led us to expect the camera to deliver perhaps more than it was capable of. What counts the most is image quali..." More »
60out of 100
Photography BLOG - Dec 02 2011
"The Fujifilm FinePix F600EXR is a very modest upgrade of its predecessor, improving the EXR Auto mode in low-light, expanding the GPS functionality, adding a rather superfluous intelligent digital zoom mode, and perhaps best of all not popping-up the flash automatically whenever the camera is turned on. Perhaps the best upgrade that the F600EXR has undergon..." More »
80out of 100

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Great camera and it is just what I ordered, Cute kitty :) - Oct 08 2014
Verified Purchase ( Exactly how described. Great camera and it is just what I ordered....

Excellent product, Quezada Marcos Manuel "Maq" - Apr 08 2014
I've always had Fujifilm cameras and I will continue to chose them. The bad thing about this product es the GPS. Takes too long to geotag. The best feature is the optical zoom and manual setting....

Excellent product, mRcSqZd "Maq" - Apr 08 2014
I've always had Fujifilm cameras and I will continue to chose them. The bad thing about this product es the GPS. Takes too long to geotag. The best feature is the optical zoom and manual setting....

Excellent product, mRcSqZd "Maq" - Apr 08 2014
Verified Purchase ( I've always had Fujifilm cameras and I will continue to chose them. The bad thing about this product es the GPS. Takes too long to geotag. The best feature is the optical zoom and manual setting....

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