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Canon 12.1MP PowerShot N 8x Zoom Wi-Fi Camera First Look Review by Phoblographer

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Fujifilm 12 Megapixels X20 Premium Compact Camera First Look Review by DCI

2013-01-12 02:32 | Source
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On January 7 2013, Fujifilm announced the new X20 digital camera improving on the existing X10 that was announced back in September 2011. The X20 comes with an advanced 12 Megapixels 2/3 inch X-Trans CMOS II Sensor, EXR Processor II, an optical viewfinder with a horizontal apparent field of view of 20 degrees and coverage of 85%, a FUJINON F2.0-2.8 4x manual zoom lens made up of 11 glass elements in 9 groups including 3 aspherical lens elements and 2 extra-low dispersion lens elements, Super Macro mode for close 0.39 inches focusing, a 2.8 inch LCD screen with 460k dots, and Full HD Video (1920 x 1080) at 60fps. The newly-developed X-Trans CMOS II sensor has built-in Phase Detection pixels which enable high-speed Auto Focus (AF) in as little as 0.06 seconds. It has a start-up time of approx. 0.5 seconds, a shutter time lag of approx. 0.01 seconds and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. 

The X20 also features Fujifilm's Film Simulation Mode which includes 10 film options. The camera also has Advanced Filter functions for additional artistic functionality, including Pop Color, Toy Camera, Miniature, Dynamic Tone, Partial Color, Soft Focus, High Key and Low Key. It comes with an Intelligent Hybrid Autofocus system that allows the camera to switch between phase and contrast detection to achieve the best image. It also has the Focus Peaking function that highlights high contrast areas of subjects for precise focusing while using manual focus mode. The X20 is available for about $600 in black and two-tone black & silver. Here's the summary of first look preview by DigitalCameraInfo:

"There's just something unbeatable about a good optical viewfinder, even when it doesn't have a true through-the-lens perspective. It's just cooler than an electronic screen, especially on a small, fixed-lens camera, and the feel can't be matched. The handling isn't comfortable, exactly--more like satisfying. The buttons and control rings provide delightfully tactile response, and the ability to directly adjust vital shooting settings using those physical controls means the X20 trumps many other compact cameras even before it begins shooting. The power switch is even part of the lens ring, which is a bit odd at first but grows on you with time. Autofocus is apparently the fastest in the high-end compact class, though they're all so quick now that the distinctions barely matter. It definitely seemed fast and accurate on the showroom floor. Manual focus is much easier to use, too, thanks to the focus-peak highlighting feature, which has also been added to the X100S.

If the image quality proves to be as great as we think it'll be, this camera will be a bona-fide hit. The X10 came close, but the white-orb fiasco slowed its momentum considerably. Here's the big question: How will its image quality compare to the Sony RX100? It's unlikely that the X20 can match it, simply because the RX100 has a bigger sensor. But consider the fact that high-ISO photos from the Fuji X-Pro1 are almost clean enough to look like they were taken by a full-frame sensor (even though it's an APS-C camera). That, from a sensor that's only two-thirds as large. But here's where our logic gets a little crazy: The 2/3-inch sensor in the X20 is--hey now!--two-thirds the size of the RX100's 1-inch chip. Could the X-Trans design compensate for its size deficit, at least in low-light shooting? We'll just have to see when we get it into our labs."

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X20 Camera Reviews Roundup

Camera Labs - Oct 05 2013
"The Fujifilm X20 is a major upgrade to the X10, with a brand new 12 Megapixel X-trans sensor and EXR II processor providing improved image quality and low light performance as well as new shooting modes, 1080p60 video and faster continuous shooting. The new sensor's phase-detect AF points provide the X20 with one of the fastest and most accurate AF systems..." More »
86out of 100
Amateur Photographer - Jul 22 2013
"Resolution charts from the X20 show impressive results. In contrast to models that show a more defined point beyond which the camera is unable to resolve any more detail, the X20 continues to resolve details in much finer areas, albeit with less consistency. The camera comfortably resolves detail up to around 24lppm - as we'd expect from such a camera - alt..." More »
85out of 100
Phoblographer - Jul 17 2013
"Barring the initial confusion about the on/off switch, I found the learning curve to be fairly easy. I took a few minutes to familiarize myself with the camera's controls, and I quickly learned that the the two command dials each controlled the aperture and shutter speed. The menus were easy to navigate, too. This is an intuitively-designed camera, one that..." More »
Not Rated
PentaxForums - Jul 07 2013
"The Fujifilm X20 is a solid performer with excellent image quality for a compact camera. We see it as a worthy DSLR companion for the enthusiast more than an entry level camera. The many buttons and dials make it easy to change settings in the field. At the same time, these many buttons and dials may seem intimidating to users looking to acquire their first..." More »
70out of 100

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