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Canon 16MP PowerShot A4000 IS Compact Review by ePhotoZine

2012-05-04 03:32 | Source
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On February 7 2012, Canon announced 6 PowerShot A-series digital cameras - PowerShot A4000 IS, A3400 IS, A2400 IS, A2300, A1300 and A810, ranging from $200 to $110 in price. These new A-series models feature a 16 Megapixels sensor, 720p HD video capture, a 28mm wide-angle lens, the Smart AUTO feature with 32 shooting modes and a Help button to provide explanation of various shooting modes. The A4000 IS, A3400 IS and A2400 IS models feature Intelligent IS so the camera automatically selects the most effective image stabilization mode. In terms of lens, the A4000 has a 8x-Optical Zoom lens, while the A3400/A2400/A2300/A1300/A810 have a 5x-Optical Zoom. In terms of LCD, the A4000 has a 3-inch LCD screen, A3400 has a 3-inch Touch Panel with Touch Focus and Touch Shutter shooting modes, while the A2400/A2300/A1300/A810 have a 2.7-inch LCD. The A1300 and A810 both use AA batteries allowing for easy replacement.

The A4000 IS is available in black, silver, blue, red and pink for $199.99. Here's the summary of review by ePhotoZine, giving the camera a rating of 3.5 out of 5:

"There is very little barrel and pincushion distortion, with no vignetting noticed. There was some purple fringing in the shot of the trees above and some chromatic abberation (CA) in the shots of Thoresby Hall at both wide and telephoto zoom. The macro mode lets you shoot with the subject roughly 1cm from the front of lens, it's also possible to zoom slightly to get even closer. Detail is good, particularly in the centre of the image. Exposure is very good, and colour is excellent. At ISO100 noise is visible but not excessive, with more being noticeable at ISO200. At ISO400 noise becomes much stronger with black and white dots appearing and at ISO800 detail and colour are lost. Again at ISO1600, detail is further lost, and this setting is best avoided. A low light scene mode is available that reduces the resolution and allows higher ISO settings, this can be useful in very poor light. Auto white balance (AWB) produces warm results under tungsten light with the tungsten preset giving very good performance. AWB under fluorescent light gives very good results with the fluorescent preset producing good results. Under mixed light the AWB performs well with neutral results. There are a number of scene modes and creative modes, including low light, fish-eye, miniature, toy camera, monochrome, super vivid, poster effect, snow, fireworks, long shutter (up to 15 seconds), discreet, as well as live view control allowing you to change between dark/light, neutral/vivid and cool/warm. A panoramic mode isn't available.

The Canon Powershot A4000 IS is available for £139, this makes it reasonable value for money - however alternatives are available for less, including the Olympus VR-340 with 10x zoom for £105, the Panasonic Lumix SZ1 with 10x zoom for £144, and the Olympus SH-21 with 12.5x zoom and Full HD video for £159. You'll also need to buy a memory card and a case or bag to keep your camera safe and protected - have a look at our complete guide to camera bags. The Canon Powershot A4000 IS is a stylish compact camera, with an 8x optical zoom lens and image stabilisation packed into a very compact metal body. The Canon Powershot A4000 IS' strengths lie in its image quality, with excellent colour, exposure, and good levels of detail. Macro performance is also very good for a compact camera. Although chromatic abberations and purple fringing can be seen in areas of high contrast. However, it's in the finer details where the camera starts to disappoint, particularly as you can't use optical zoom on videos, it also lacks an automatic panoramic mode which is now the norm on a lot of cameras, the screen resolution is low at 230k dots, and generally there is very little to make this stand out compared to the competition."

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Canon Powershot A4000 Camera Reviews Roundup

TechRadar - Oct 03 2012
"If you're looking for a fuss-free family compact camera, then the Canon PowerShot A4000 IS's versatile 8x zoom range, good build quality and undemanding point-and-shoot operation are likely to impress. However, while Canon has delivered a reasonable set of features for the price, there are some sore points. With its slow shot-to-shot rate and lacklustre con..." More »
60out of 100
CNET UK - Aug 30 2012
"The sensor is a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch CCD delivering 4,608x3,456-pixel images. That's an awful lot of pixels on a small chip. Unfortunately, there is some noise evident in images, even at comparatively low sensitivities. I performed my tests with the A4000 IS set to fully automatic, using the automatic white balance and sensitivity settings to emulate the..." More »
60out of 100
Pocket-lint - Jun 26 2012
"The PowerShot A4000's 16-megapixel images are good enough for their purpose - casual snaps - though aren't likely to blow your socks off. For the target market though it's not going to be a major concern. The shots that come out of the camera are bright, well exposed, full of colour and more than do the job. However, closer inspection shows chromatic aberra..." More »
60out of 100
Photography BLOG - Jun 20 2012
"We got a lot of pleasure from the little Canon PowerShot A4000 IS. It's a digital compact that works well as a day tripper camera - something to throw in a bag pocket or slip in a coat before setting out with the family. The wide-angle lens will help capture those vistas while the 8x optical zoom should provide adequate coverage to afford you the luxury of..." More »
90out of 100

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