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2011-03-18 02:40 | Source
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On January 5 2011, Canon announced the expansion of the popular PowerShot A-series with four new compact models, the PowerShot A3300 IS, A2200, A1200 and A800. The A3300 IS, A2200 and A1200 cameras will have 720p HD video, 32-predefined shooting situations in the advanced Smart AUTO feature, and Creative Filters. There is a new Discreet Mode that capture a photo without unnecessary sound (auto-focus assist beam, sound & flash are turned off) for taking photos of a sleeping baby or a wedding ceremony. The A1200 comes with an Optical View Finder, while the PowerShot A2200, A1200, A800 cameras feature Blur Reduction, helping to reduce image distortion. There are two new shooting scenes in the Creative Filter option - Toy Camera and Monochrome. Toy Camera Effect adds a grainy, blurred look to soften photos, illustrating an old-school, 1960's appearance and Monochrome mode attaches black-and-white, blue or sepia tones to images, displaying a more classic, antiqued appearance.

Succeeding the A3100 IS at the top of the PowerShot A-series, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS is slim and stylish with a solid metal chassis. It features a 16 Megapixels CCD sensor with a 5x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, a wide angle 28-140mm equivalent lens and 3.0-inch LCD screen. It is available in five vibrant colors - grey, red, blue, silver and pink colors. The PowerShot A3300 IS is currently selling at around $178. Here's the summary of review by DigitalCameraReview, giving the camera a rating of 4 out of 5:

"Colors (default Canon color interpolation) are bright, hue accurate and natural-looking though visibly over-saturated. Reds are warmer than they are in real life, blues are a bit too bright, greens are more vibrant than those seen by the naked eye, and purples tend toward blue. Most casual shooters won't consider these minor color intensity/shift variations as faults. Although there is a slight tendency toward overexposure, in bright outdoor light the A3300 IS produces reliably well-exposed, sharply focused, and almost noise-free images. Images are detailed and unexpectedly sharp. In bright contrasty lighting highlight detail was occasionally blown-out. Overall, the A3300's image quality is on the high side of average for cameras in this class. The A3300 provides users with an acceptable selection of White Balance options, including Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, and custom. The A3300 IS's Auto WB system does a remarkably good job across the board.

The Canon PowerShot A3300 IS is a typical Canon point-and-shoot. It's very similar to its PowerShot siblings so there really isn't anything new here, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Canon's P&S digital cameras share more than a "look" and operating system similarities - they have earned an amazing level of customer loyalty because of their dependably excellent image quality, reliable performance, durability and ease of use. The new PowerShot A3300 IS doesn't deviate from that winning formula. The A3300 IS lets users capture beautiful images and highly detailed HD video clips with very little effort - no matter his or her level of photographic competence. Portraits, landscapes, outdoor images in various lighting situations, night shots, and indoor pictures can all be captured easily when users shoot in the A3300 IS's Smart AUTO mode. Whether you're shooting macro close-ups of spring flowers, capturing a glowing sunset, photographing your kids playing T-ball, or nailing that dramatic vacation picture at Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon you can be confident that the A3300 IS will consistently produce the best pictures possible. Canon's "Smart Auto" mode stands, in my opinion, head and shoulders above those of their competitors. If you want to take great pictures but you don't want to have to worry about anything technical, rush out and buy this one. The A3300 is an ideal first digital camera, an excellent choice as an "always in Mom's purse" family camera, and a very good choice for travelers who want a small, lightweight, relatively tough and fairly inexpensive "go anywhere" digicam."

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Canon Powershot A3300 IS Camera Reviews Roundup

MacWorld - Sep 14 2011
"In our lab's subjective tests for image and video quality, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS fared very well for a low-priced camera. It earned a score of Good for both exposure quality and color accuracy, and a score of Very Good in the areas of sharpness and distortion. The A3300 IS's built-in flash is especially well tuned, producing evenly exposed images wit..." More »
60out of 100
Pocket-lint - Jul 30 2011
"As this isn't a camera that's about manual features or true photographic control, Auto mode, or rather here "Smart Auto" dominates proceedings. This compares scenes and subjects before the lens with no fewer than 32 on-board settings, and, using the likes of face/subject detection technology by way of identification, pretty competently selects the..." More »
70out of 100
TechRadar - Jun 11 2011
"Results from the A3300 IS are very pleasing overall, with colours looking vibrant, yet remaining true-to-life rather than looking over-saturated. The Auto white balance mode produces pretty accurate and consistent results under most forms of lighting, although we found a tendency towards warming images up a little too much under tungsten. Manually sele..." More »
80out of 100
CNET US - May 11 2011
"For its sub-$180 price, the A3300 IS is capable of turning out some excellent photos. But, as with most compacts, this really depends on how much light you have--the more, the better. Fine detail and sharpness are very good up to ISO 200 (though a little sharpening with photo-editing software improves things). Photos get noticeably softer at ISO 400 due to..." More »
70out of 100

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