Sony NEX-6 16.1 Megapixel Mirrorless Reviews Roundup

On September 12 2012, Sony announced the Sony NEX-6 pocket-sized mirrorless camera. Key features include 16.1 Megapixels Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor, Fast Hybrid AF, Wi-Fi support, Full HD movies, ISO up to 25600, 3.0 Xtra Fine LCD, XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder found on the NEX-7 model, and the Play Memories Camera Apps platform recently introduced on Sony's new NEX-5R model. The Fast Hybrid AF system combines phase- and contrast-detect AF methods. It uses 99 phase-detection AF points arrayed on the image sensor to detect a subject's distance and direction to quickly lock focus on it, and then utilizes contrast-detection AF to confirm extremely fine focus detail. In Speed Priority Continuous shooting mode, the camera automatically switches to phase detection tracking AF to track fast-moving action accurately in each frame at up to 10 fps. Similar to a DSLR camera, there is a mode dial on its top for easy access to commonly used shooting modes including P/A/S/M and Sweep Panorama mode. Full HD movie shooting is enhanced with a new Auto Slow Shutter feature that adds extra detail to low-light clips. The camera detects dim interiors and night scenes and automatically selects a slower shutter speed to brighten footage. Like the recently announced NEX-5R model, the NEX-6 comes with integrated Wi-Fi allowing photos to be transferred wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet running Sony's free PlayMemories Mobile app for both Andriod and iOS. The NEX-6 is available this November in a kit with the SELP1650 power zoom lens for about $1,000. It is offered as body-only for $850. The SELP1650 power zoom lens is sold separately for $350, and the SEL35F18 prime and SEL1018 wide angle lenses is available for $450 and $850.

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Sony Alpha NEX-6 Camera Reviews Roundup

LetsGoDigital - May 16 2013
"The Sony NEX-6 performs well in combination with the Sony E 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ OSS kit lens. The Fast Hybrid AF system delivers outstanding work, and the camera accurately focuses. The Sony NEX-6 is fast and reliable and shoots photos effortlessly in bad lighting situations. At high ISO values, the noise reduction works well. Up to ISO 3200 there is hard..." More »
90out of 100
Pocket-lint - May 02 2013
"The NEX-6 comes complete with the very same sensor at its heart as the NEX-5R and, therefore, it may come of little surprise that its images are much the same. It's the built-in viewfinder, mode dial and sturdier build which sets the NEX-6 apart from its little brother model. And even with image quality that matches between the two we're still very happy wi..." More »
90out of 100
Imaging Resource - Apr 19 2013
"When adding up the pros and cons to the Sony NEX-6, it's pretty clear that there's not much to dislike about this compact system camera. The NEX-6 truly carves out its own space in Sony's CSC lineup, and even though its resolution has been scaled down to 16 megapixels (compared to the NEX-7's 24 megapixels), it still delivers image quality that rivals other..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Apr 01 2013
"Image quality is above average, particularly for a mirrorless camera. However, I found the best results were achieved when shooting with the 16-50mm power zoom (and the 10-18mm lens). Test shots were, for the most part, well exposed and well detailed. Colors are accurate but well-saturated and vibrant. Dynamic range, particularly when Sony's D-Range Optimiz..." More »
90out of 100
dpreview - Mar 26 2013
"Like the other NEX models that share versions of its 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the NEX-6 produces very good quality images. Exposure is accurate, with the D-Range Optimizer providing just the right amount of contrast. Colors are vibrant and will be pleasing to the NEX-6's target audience. Photos don't display a lot of 'grainy' luminance noise, though that's..." More »
78out of 100
PopPhoto - Feb 18 2013
"In our color accuracy test, the NEX-6 barely earned an Excellent rating with an average Delta E of 7.9. By comparison, the Panasonic GX1 turned in an impressive 5.8, while the Fujifilm X-Pro1 was one of the rare cameras to receive the one-notch-lower Extremely High rating, with a Delta E of 9.3. When we factor noise into our overall image quality rating, we..." More »
Not Rated
Steve's Digicam - Feb 07 2013
"Looking closely at our outdoor images shows us how far ILC cameras have come in the short time that they have been available. The NEX-6's image quality rivals that of most consumer level dSLR cameras and outdoes them in performance and features. All of our outdoor samples were taken in both Superior Auto and Program shooting modes. Both modes captured excel..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Feb 06 2013
"The NEX-6 makes a great first impression - especially if you feel like the NEX-7 is a bit too pricey or a little heavy on the megapixel count. If you can swallow the current $900 price tag for the 16-50mm power zoom lens and body combination, you are in for a treat. The NEX-6 offers a lot of amenities attractively packaged with a more manageable 16-megapixe..." More »
Not Rated
Amateur Photographer - Jan 22 2013
"We know that the variants of Sony's widely used 16-million-pixel APS-C-sized sensor provide impressive image quality, and the NEX-6's sensor is no different. Combined with the new Bionz processor and extensive ISO 100-25,600 range, sharp images can be achieved in both good-contrast and low-contrast light. As we would expect, the camera reaches the 26 marker..." More »
87out of 100
PhotographyLife - Jan 14 2013
"When I first found out that Sony came up with yet another mirrorless camera segment with the introduction of the NEX-6, I asked myself if it was really necessary to have so many different cameras to offer. Without a doubt, the mirrorless camera market is growing very fast. However, with 4 different camera segments that share a lot of the same technology, is..." More »
90out of 100
Camera Labs - Jan 11 2013
"The Sony NEX-6 is a pretty remarkable camera. Though it isn't the flagship NEX model, I can quickly see it overtaking the NEX-7 in popularity at the top end of the NEX range. There are those for whom anything less than 24 Megapixels just won't do and who love the control that three-dial operation provides, but, beyond a tougher body, mic input and a few oth..." More »
87out of 100
Phoblographer - Dec 31 2012
"What a time we live in, I have all of the features I could have ever dreamed of but I'm still bitching because it's not good enough. When it comes to being a camera it is amazing, I loved my time with the NEX-6. When this camera came out and I saw the spec list I thought this is it, this is the camera I have been waiting for. I have never wanted the NEX-7 b..." More »
Not Rated
CNET US - Dec 21 2012
"The NEX-6 produces excellent photos. As I said, in photo quality it matches the NEX-7 and, despite using the same sensor, is better than the NEX-5R at midrange ISO sensitivities. Sony's image processing is extremely good, and images shot though ISO 400 look very clean; depending upon content they can be usable and printed large (13x19) as high as ISO 6400,..." More »
82out of 100
Photography BLOG - Dec 20 2012
"For a sub-$1000 camera, the Sony NEX-6 is an incredibly complex, mature and full-featured product. From a class-leading high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder to a traditional mode dial, two control wheels, articulated LCD screen, verstatile AF system, Wi-Fi connectivity and 10fps burst shooting; it has everything a camera needs in order to be a serious..." More »
90out of 100
TheVerge - Dec 19 2012
"The last NEX camera I tested was the NEX-F3, the low-end model in the lineup. I generally liked the images it produced, but wasn't blown away, and given that the NEX-6 shares its 16.1-megapixel APS-C sensor, I was a little worried. But as Dan also found with the 5R, the NEX-6 takes excellent pictures - it's certainly on par with a similarly priced DSLR. It'..." More »
91out of 100
PhotographyReview - Dec 15 2012
"I enjoyed using the NEX-6 the most for "reportage" (say with pretentious French accent for best effect) photography - that is, street and people photos. With the 16-50mm retractable zoom it was easy to hang the camera around my neck on the strap so it was always available for quick, spontaneous photos at meals, on the press bus, and while walking..." More »
Not Rated
Engadget - Dec 13 2012
"One of the few things we loved about Sony's original 18-55mm kit lens was the manual zoom feature. Adjusting the focal length required turning the barrel, but the lens responded immediately. Granted, it wasn't ideal for zooming while capturing video, but it got the job done. It shouldn't come as any surprise, but the new power zoom optic is naturally a litt..." More »
Not Rated
SonyAlphaClub - Dec 12 2012
"I recorded a decent amount of video with the Nex-6 and what I notice most is the improved AF performance. The 16-50mm power zoom lens really shinned here as zooming in and out was very smooth and relatively quiet, but not silent. The focus transitions from one object to another are also smooth with a soft ease in/ ease out effect. It's honestly hard to tell..." More »
90out of 100
Gizmodo - Dec 11 2012
"Our sample images were shot RAW with the new 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, and the new 10-18mm f/4 lens, then converted with Adobe Lightroom. Sony introduced a brand-new 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens with the NEX-6. Design-wise, it is an improvement over the old kit lens--it's powered, and it retracts to a fairly compact size when turned off. Unfortunately, we t..." More »
80out of 100
PCMag - Dec 11 2012
"The lack of sharpness is but one compromise brought on by the extremely compact design. If you use the lens in JPG, the NEX-6 applies a good amount of in-camera distortion correction to your images. But if you opt to shoot Raw, which is not an uncommon practice for shooters investing in a $1,000 camera, there is an incredible amount of barrel distortion--at..." More »
90out of 100
VisualScienceLab - Dec 03 2012
"I've been using the Nex system since mid Summer and I have two real complaints, one which is solved by spending more money and the other time will be solved by time and the building success of the system. The first is the meager number of exposures you get per charged battery.  With batteries that have been charged three or four times I'm getting aroun..." More »
Not Rated
Trusted Reviews - Dec 01 2012
"During testing the NEX-6's metering system proved consistently reliable. In especially bright scenes or in high-contrast scenes we were occasionally required to dial in a dab of positive exposure compensation in order to lift shadow details. Alternatively, the NEX-6's Dynamic Range Optimizer feature has a noticeable effect on these kinds of images too. The..." More »
70out of 100
ePhotoZine - Nov 06 2012
"Images are well exposed with excellent colour reproduction whether you are shooting portrait, fast moving objects and landscapes. Portrait modes have excellent skin tones and are free of red-eye when using the flash. HDR mode has a number of options for the exposure range, the example above has the maximum 6EV range. Detail within the image is good througho..." More »
90out of 100
ThePhoblographer - Oct 18 2012
"First off, the NEX 6 is deadly fast in its focusing. It still can't match the Olympus OMD EM5, but it is surely up there. It was able to quickly snatch photos of bees moving around. However, I couldn't help but fight the feeling that the camera could have been even faster if it had a touch screen due to the fact that I could tell it immediately where I want..." More »
Not Rated
Imaging Resource - Oct 12 2012
"Sony's new 16-50mm Power Zoom lens lets the NEX-6 fit more comfortably into jacket pockets and bags, and is a welcome addition to the line. The overall profile of the NEX-6 is a little thicker behind the lens mount. Whereas the NEX-7 used Minolta's old proprietary hot shoe, Sony's new Multi Interface Shoe appears on the NEX-6, making it compatible with upco..." More »
Not Rated
SteveHuff - Oct 12 2012
"In real world use I find the NEX-6 to be much quicker to AF than the 7 and it just seems very snappy and responsive which is good! The 7 at times seemed a bit slow when compared to the new breed of mirrorless like the Olympus OM-D. Sony did not take a break and just say "deal with it"..nope! Instead they ramped things up by combining Contrast Dete..." More »
Not Rated
CNET Asia - Sep 17 2012
"The interface of the cameras is pretty much the same as other NEX cameras, except that there isn't a touchscreen here, unlike on the NEX-5R. We also noticed that the presence of a protruding EVF at the back may have prevented Sony from implementing an LCD that flips all the way up for self-portraits. CNET Asia Editor John Chan also remarked that this wasn't..." More »
Not Rated
Pocket-lint - Sep 14 2012
"The latest hybrid autofocus system is also said to cater for continuous autofocus during burst shooting. It won't necessarily be as fast, depending on how the subject is behaving, but it did a good enough job in our hands. Saying that, continuous autofocus is never a failsafe compact system camera option, and it's an area that accuracy could still be increa..." More »
Not Rated
PhotoReview Australia - Sep 14 2012
"Although we've had a camera to experiment with for approximately two weeks, it is a pre-production unit and can't be used for our technical tests. We will update this review with full tests when a production unit is available. On the basis of initial usage, it seems the NEX-6 will perform as well as other NEXies we've tested. The colour  reproduction i..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Info - Sep 13 2012
"We're not sure what Sony's game is here, but hey, from a consumer's perspective the NEX-6 looks like an amazing deal. Other than reduced megapixel resolution, it seems like the NEX-6 offers almost all of the NEX-7's best features, plus the best new features of the NEX-5R, all for much less than the NEX-7's current street price. Sony was pretty clear that th..." More »
Not Rated

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