Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 Megapixel Advanced Compact Reviews Roundup

On May 16 2012, Sony announced the Cyber-shot RX100 digital compact camera featuring a 20.2 Megapixels sensor and fast F1.8 Zeiss branded 3.6x zoom lens. At the heart of the RX100 is the 1.0-inch type Exmor CMOS sensor that's specially developed by Sony which is approximately 4x larger than the 1/2.3-type sensors in traditional point-and-shoot cameras. The large sensor can take in more light while capturing images & movies with very low noise. The lens is the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* fixed lens with 3.6x optical zoom range and a wide F1.8 maximum aperture to let in additional light. The lens features 7 bladed circular aperture and an Advanced Aspherical (AA) lens element.

Other features of the RX100 includes support of sensitivity up to ISO 25600 (using Multi Frame Noise Reduction), 10 frames per second in full resolution, high-speed autofocus as quickly as 0.13 seconds, a 3-inch 1,229k dot Xtra Fine LCD display with WhiteMagic technology (use additional white pixels to boost screen brightness), a smooth control ring around the lens body for manual adjustments, as well as 6 different creative styles and a variety of popular picture effects including Toy Camera, Partial Color, and HDR Painting. The Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 digital camera will be available this July for about $650.

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Sony DSC-RX100 Camera Reviews Roundup

CameraHoarders - Jan 11 2014
"As I already mentioned, 13.2 x 8.8mm CMOS sensor is the crown jewel of this camera. It has 20 megapixels (more than enough) and excellent performance in every aspect. Colors can really pop out (if you want them to) and high ISO performance is as good as it gets. With careful exposure and some post processing on PC, images can look like they were shot with a..." More »
Not Rated
pdn - Jan 05 2014
"The RX100 II produced some of the best image quality I've ever seen from a compact camera. Sony's decision to put a new BSI sensor in the RX100 II while keeping the same 20.2 pixels of resolution and the same 1-inch type size as the previous camera, was a smart move. In decent lighting at low ISOs, the RX100 II performs as well as its predecessor, which is..." More »
Not Rated
Imaging Resource - Jan 01 2014
"The original RX100 shook up the compact camera market, and the new Sony RX100 II continues in that mold, picking up our award for 2013 Best Pocket Camera of the Year. While superficially very similar to the original model, the new RX100 II brings a number of key enhancements. The most obvious change is the addition of a 3-inch tilting LCD screen on the back..." More »
Not Rated
PopPhoto - Nov 23 2013
"The design of the RX100 II is extremely similar to the original RX100. The new version has a tilting LCD, which certainly comes in handy when shooting at low or high vantage points and can help ward off glare when shooting on sunny days. Sony also added its Multi-Interface Shoe to the top, which means you can mount Sony's excellent FDA-EV1MK OLED electronic..." More »
Not Rated
What Digital Camera - Oct 21 2013
"When we reviewed the Sony RX100 last year, it stood out as the best pocket-sized compact that money could buy. The new features that have been added to the RX100 II might make it seem like a basic upgrade, but they all add up to make it a better all-round compact. Great for amateurs or enthusiasts who'd like a smaller camera that's less cumbersome than a DS..." More »
93out of 100
Pocket-lint - Oct 17 2013
"The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II is all kinds of wonderful, yet all kinds of pricey too. To cut to the chase the latest model is ultimately the original with a hotshoe attachment which, for some, will make it worth every penny. For others, and with the lowering price of the RX100, it makes the original model all the more appealing. For the RX100 II to achieve f..." More »
90out of 100
PCMag - Oct 17 2013
"I used Imatest to check the sharpness of the RX100 II's Zeiss Vario-Sonnar lens. It's the same lens as the RX100, and results were similar. At 28mm f/1.8 it manages an impressive 2,048 lines per picture height, a bit better than the 1,800 lines we require to call a photo sharp. Edges are a little bit soft here, 1,447 lines, but stopping down to f/2.8 improv..." More »
90out of 100
Gizmodo - Oct 17 2013
"Video quality is very good for a compact camera, but it's a shame you can't adjust settings while recording, except for exposure compensation. All image samples were shot in RAW and converted to JPG with Adobe Lightroom. The low minimum focus distance allows nice close-up shots, but only at the lens's widest setting. Zoom in just a little and you will have..." More »
Not Rated
Camera Labs - Oct 17 2013
"Like the best-selling RX100 before it, the Sony RX100 II delivers the same magic potion of large sensor performance in a compact format. When I wrote about the RX100 back in 2012 I said some people will 'complain it lacks a hotshoe, or an accessory port for a viewfinder, or that its screen isn't articulated'. These shortcomings didn't prevent the camera fro..." More »
87out of 100
Photography BLOG - Oct 17 2013
"The new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II is undoubtedly a better camera than the original RX100, both in terms of features and image quality, but it's also a lot more expensive than the original model, which continues to be sold as part of the premium Cyber-shot range. The eye-watering price-tag of £650 / $750 is an awful lot to ask for a humble compact camera..." More »
90out of 100
CNET US - Oct 17 2013
"Overall, JPEG photos look excellent up through ISO 400, good through ISO 1600, and usable depending upon scene content through ISO 3200. Despite the rated ISO sensitivity range having been raised to ISO 12800, it's still -- unsurprisingly -- bad at ISO 6400 and ISO 12800. You don't gain much by shooting raw except perhaps retaining a little more detail in t..." More »
83out of 100
PhotographicCentral - Oct 05 2013
"Overall the RX100II is a camera that I enjoyed shooting with for the most part. Two simple changes in design would have made me love it to death- including a grip on the front (optional or fixed) and a choice for allowing a true NR off for all ISO settings. If Sony allowed simultaneous raw shooting for all of its fun modes like Auto HDR, the MFNR  ISO..." More »
Not Rated
Reviewed - Oct 05 2013
"High-end point-and-shoots like the RX100 II tend to make shopping a bit tough for camera shoppers. Unless you have your heart set on the II, you'll be cross-shopping with a bunch of really great options, many of which may better fit your needs. Sony still has something really special in the RX100 II, if you don't mind paying a little extra for it. If you're..." More »
100out of 100
EOSHD - Jul 28 2013
"It's still the best image quality per cubic centimeter but some excitement has gone. Could it be that we're spoilt? We have a full f rame RX1 in our jacket and a 'Pocket Bolex' in our pants. We have the Canon 5D Mark III which shoots 14bit raw video at 2.5K and a $650 Panasonic G6 that gives the Cinema EOS C100 at $6000 something to think about. Stills are..." More »
Not Rated
Trusted Reviews - Jul 17 2013
"Most of the RX100 II's innards are the same as the RX100, so it's no surprise that it takes similar - and outstanding - shots. Images have almost exactly the same tone and exposure as the camera's predecessor, which is a good thing as the results are similarly reliable. Occasionally you needed to set the exposure compensation to -0.7 or -1 EV to preserve hi..." More »
90out of 100
ePhotoZine - Jul 17 2013
"The Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II, thanks to Sony's expertise in the image sensor business, features a 1inch 20.2 megapixel backlit CMOS sensor that delivers impressive noise performance and excellent image quality. Combined with a high quality Carl Zeiss f/1.8 3.6x optical zoom lens with image stabilisation and Sony's skillset in miniaturisation means Sony are..." More »
90out of 100
digitalcameraHQ - Mar 12 2013
"With a sensor over twice the size of the average point and shoot, image quality is where the Sony RX100 truly shines. The colors are realistic and detailed, showing different blues in the sky when shooting landscapes and clear hues in different objects. The retro image effect creates a nice aged look, muting colors without completely eliminating them, and t..." More »
Not Rated
LetsGoDigital - Mar 09 2013
"Sony presents a high-quality combination of a relatively large sensor, an intelligent processor, and a luminous intensity lens. The Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100 delivers beautiful shots. The color representation is realistic and there is little noise visible up to ISO 1600. The white balance is sometimes a bit off, but thanks to the many settings, it can usuall..." More »
90out of 100
AdmiringLight - Feb 15 2013
"The RX100 produced images with a relatively low-key color profile straight out of camera.  I really didn't mind this because the files, especially the RAW files at low ISO, take adjustment very well, allowing for rich color at low ISOs.  RAW files are low contrast out of camera, with the JPEGs being a bit punchier on default settings. With a relat..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Dec 01 2012
"The Sony RX100 packs a lot of image quality punch into a truly shirt pocket portable compact digital camera. Shutter lag and autofocus performance are quite good, still image quality is on the high end of the pecking order for true compact digitals and the ability to operate in fully automatic mode along with complete manual controls and a RAW shooting opti..." More »
90out of 100
PhotograpyBay - Nov 02 2012
"The RX100 is a very easy-to-use camera.  You can take it out of the box, turn it on and immediately begin capturing some images with it.  The auto modes are very effective for those who find quasi-manual controls intimidating, and other features like Sweep Panorama and Night Shot modes prove to be most helpful when the scene or occasion arises. Th..." More »
Not Rated
MingThein - Nov 01 2012
"On the whole, two things left their mark on me during this review and while using the camera - firstly, I was constantly surprised by just how good the image quality was. I expected compact camera level, I was given constantly CSC-level, though not quite as good as the latest generation of M4/3 bodies like the OM-D. In many ways, it felt like an entry level..." More »
Not Rated
Phoblographer - Oct 28 2012
"Well would I buy the Sony RX100? Yes I would. It is as good as I say it is, no fluff here. It is a shame that I'm not in the market for a new point and shoot camera. I truly believe the camera is worth the offering price. In a portable shooter I find myself wanting a viewfinder of some kind so for that single reason I am looking at a Sony NEX-6 for Fuji X-E..." More »
Not Rated
Camera Labs - Oct 23 2012
"The genius of the Sony RX100 is that it manages to squeeze a comparatively large 1in sensor into a compact form that you really can slip into your shirt or jeans pocket. Its small size doesn't mean the RX100 is lacking in features either. With great quality 1080p50/60 HD video, built-in stereo mics, face tracking AF, 10fps continuous full resolution shootin..." More »
88out of 100
CNET UK - Aug 29 2012
"The DSC-RX100 has a 20.2-megapixel sensor producing 5,472x3,642-pixel images. More interesting than the resolution, though, is the size of the sensor itself. It measures 13.2mm by 8.8mm, so it has around four times the surface area of the sensor in a regular point-and-shoot. Sony's engineers have taken advantage of this and made each photosite physically la..." More »
90out of 100
dpreview - Aug 29 2012
"Whatever qualms we might have about the handling, we have very few concerns about the RX100's image quality. In most situations, the camera delivers images that are simply better than you would usually expect from a compact camera. The JPEG processing isn't particularly lovely at 1:1 viewing, but with 20MP to play with, there's little reason to look that cl..." More »
78out of 100
Digital Camera Info - Aug 28 2012
"Too often in the world of compact cameras, the phrase "DSLR-quality image" is bandied about on marketing materials, retail boxes, and even the written words of reviewers like us. It's paired with qualifiers like "DSLR image quality in your pocket," and most of the time, doesn't actually apply to the camera in question. Sure, some compact..." More »
88out of 100
Digital Camera Resource Page - Aug 27 2012
"Most of Sony's popular features can be found on the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. For point-and-shooters, that includes two Auto modes which will select a scene mode for you, with Superior Auto mode also using multi-shot features that reduce image blur and noise. Other handy automatic features include Anti Motion Blur (and its sibling, Handheld Night Scene) and Swe..." More »
Not Rated
CNET US - Aug 24 2012
"The RX100 generally displays good JPEG processing and noise reduction; it does a creditable job of balancing trade-offs between color noise and softness. Out-of-focus areas still suffer from mushiness as low as ISO 400 -- a common problem with cameras with smaller sensors -- but in-focus spots stand up pretty well until about ISO 800. Overall, the camera's..." More »
81out of 100
Digital Camera Review - Aug 21 2012
"The camera has a solid feel, owing in large part to the metal construction, and its size and weight make it easily shirt pocket portable. Shutter lag seems to be virtually absent and autofocus acquisition times at both ends of the zoom in bright conditions are quick. While the camera can shoot RAW files there is no in camera RAW processor or converter and m..." More »
Not Rated
PopPhoto - Aug 16 2012
"The autofocus is on par with the best compact cameras and some ILCs--enough for any casual shooting. While we wouldn't count on the RX100's ability to track fast-moving sports, we also wouldn't expect a professional sports shooter to pick this camera up for work. The top burst speed is 10 frames per second at full resolution, but that's without continuous A..." More »
Not Rated
ePhotoZine - Aug 08 2012
"Despite trying to produce flare in photos shooting into the sun, it very difficult, and the camera performed very well under adverse shooting conditions. The photos show good detail, even in the corners. The camera copes well with chromatic aberration, with very little on show. There is also good detail when using the zoom. There are very low levels of barr..." More »
80out of 100
SonyAlphaLab - Aug 01 2012
"I've been using the Sony RX100 for a few days now and it's by far the best point and shoot style camera I have ever used. Image quality is off the charts good considering the size of the sensor and pixel density, and the features are plentiful. In fact, this camera has more shooting modes thqn any of the Nex cameras!! The dynamic range is also pretty good,..." More »
Not Rated
TheVerge - Aug 01 2012
"Here's the real reason why you'll want to pick up an RX100: the photos it takes are stunning to the point where all other compact camera makers will need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. It's often said that the majority of DSLR owners never remove the kit lens, and if that's the case then I wonder if they shouldn't be looking at the RX100 instead -..." More »
87out of 100
Trusted Reviews - Jul 27 2012
"Overall image quality is very good. Used in multi-segment metering mode exposure is generally very accurate, with only the odd underexposure. To counter this, we simply dialled in around 0.3-0.7EV using the exposure compensation tool. Should you want to create HDR-like images then the built-in Auto HDR feature should prove very useful. In total there are si..." More »
90out of 100
PhotoReview Australia - Jul 26 2012
"The small and inconspicuous nature of the RX100 makes it an excellent camera to use when you don't want to benoticed. It's great for street photography and grabbing candid snapshots and its high ISO performance makes it usable in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Pictures taken with the review camera appeared bright and colourful with the slightly elev..." More »
85out of 100
PhotoClubAlpha - Jul 25 2012
"Does it work? Yes! The RX100 is actually a great little companion camera, and after getting it, I stopped using my NEX-5n kit for casual everyday snaps. The RX100 lives in my wallet beltpack or a carefully emptied and cleaned-out pocket, wrapped in a microfibre cloth. I may shoot a few pix or a video clip, and every day, I just connect the camera to my iMac..." More »
Not Rated
Amateur Photographer - Jul 25 2012
"With a large, high-resolution sensor and bright lens, we would expect the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 to do very well against its competition. Despite its high resolution, the size of the sensor means that the photosites are a claimed 3.6x larger than those in the company's own Cyber-shot HX20V. For resolved detail, the RX100 does not disappoint, and raises t..." More »
80out of 100
SteveHuff - Jul 24 2012
"Well, can one be in love after two days? Probably not but it feels like it. This camera opens up some great possibilities. It is tiny, silent and even blazing fast AND gives DSLR quality..well, correction... in some cases BETTER than DSLR quality (depending on DSLR and lens used). It fits in my front jeans pocket and is ready to roll at a moments notice. No..." More »
Not Rated
Photography BLOG - Jul 24 2012
"The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 takes a clear shot at the popular Canon PowerShot S-series and in most ways clearly beats it, resulting in the best pocket camera that avid photographers can currently buy. Sony have obviously been "inspired" by the Canon S100 and its forebears, with the RX100 mimicking its main rival's twin control rings and button l..." More »
100out of 100
LuminousLandscape - Jul 14 2012
"Many cameras advertise that they are able to shoot stills while shooting video. In my experience thus far this is only partially true. Usually the video is halted briefly while the still is recorded, and then it resumes. With the RX100 there is no interruption whatsoever to video recording, but it takes a while for the still image to be saved so that anothe..." More »
Not Rated
Amateur Photographer - Jul 13 2012
"In general, JPEG compression is much more aggressive in compact cameras than in DSLRs. The RX100's noise reduction and sharpening adjustments are more obvious than the colour adjustments in JPEG compression, especially at ISO 1600 and higher where detail is much more 'mushy'. Therefore, in low light it is worthwhile shooting in raw format. I was particularl..." More »
87out of 100
NYTimes - Jun 30 2012
"The RX100 is as customizable and manually controllable as an S.L.R., but it also has some impressive automated modes. They include Illustration (turns the photo into a colorful line drawing), High Dynamic Range Painting and the bizarre but sometimes enlightening Auto Crop. It creates a duplicate of your portrait, cropped in what it considers a better way. S..." More »
Not Rated
CNET Asia - Jun 27 2012
"The shooter comes fitted with a 1-inch image sensor which is four times larger than those found in average compact making it more light-sensitive. Its large image sensor coupled with bright F1.8 zoom optics (at the widest end) are meant to allow you to achieve higher quality, blur-free images in low-light conditions. Despite is large sensor, the RX100's sli..." More »
Not Rated
Pocket-lint - Jun 23 2012
"The autofocus system is quick and the camera offers "multi", "center" and "flexible spot" options. The AF point can be placed around all but the outermost edges of the LCD screen, and is generally accurate in use. We would, however, like the ability to adjust the AF point size as some close-up work struggled to pinpoint focus o..." More »
90out of 100
TechRadar - Jun 13 2012
"With the RX100, Sony has produced a very interesting and very impressive camera. The sensor is large enough to produce high quality images and deliver good low light performance while also being small enough to mean the overall body size of the camera remains exceptionally sleek. If we were assessing the camera based solely on what it is capable of outputti..." More »
90out of 100
Imaging Resource - Jun 08 2012
"Ranging from 28-100mm equivalents, the Sony RX100's 3.6x lens is a big part of the camera. You can tell what I mean when you power on this solid-feeling camera and the weight shifts toward the front; much of the weight is the lens. If holding the camera without a strap, it's important to hold it well because the weight shift could cause you to lose your gri..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Jun 08 2012
"After years of essentially squeezing digital sensors into traditional SLRs, we're really living in a golden age of camera technology right now. Into the melting pot are mirror-less system cameras, large sensor compacts, cameras with fixed mirrors and what could be the last of the traditional DSLRs. We're seeing the ability to compose with a variety of techn..." More »
Not Rated
dpreview - Jun 07 2012
"We've only been using the RX100 for a few days, but our initial impressions are mostly positive. We haven't been able to look at its Raw output yet, but JPEG image quality is certainly a step above what we'd expect from Sony's high-end small-sensor Cyber-shot compacts. The RX100 is very responsive, both in terms of autofocus speed and general picture-taking..." More »
Not Rated
What Digital Camera - Jun 07 2012
"With minimal exterior controls to keep the camera as compact as possible, the RX100 relies on some clever touches to make it quick and enjoyable to use. Round the lens barrel is a finely balanced command dial that can control a range of settings - it can adjust the aperture in Aperture priority for example, while it can be used to adjust a host of other sho..." More »
Not Rated

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User Review of the camera - Sony DSC-RX100

  • 2014-09-19 07:00
    Stopped working immediately after warranty., Rebecca
    I had the same experience as all these other one-star reviews. It was a wonderful camera. Until it stopped working one month after my warranty expired. Totally not worth the price if it's only going to last a year.
  • 2014-09-15 07:00
    Is this a disposable camera?, Matty-o "matty-o"
    I've been a photographer since 1972, I own many cameras and bought the RX-100 in June 2013. For no reason I am aware of, one day in February 2014 I experienced the first major malfunction requiring factory warrantee service, replacing the "Mounted C.Board CD-847(S)", whatever that is. A brief search on the internet shows I'm not alone as others have had the same repair. It's now September 2014 and the exact same malfunction has occurred again. I treat my equipment with great care and typically have cameras for decades. This is not a cheap toy and with the timing of the same malfunction I'm now out of the one year warrantee period. This is a VERY expensive camera when you consider the cost of maintenance and the downtime experienced while the camera will be out for repair. So, do I trash it or spend a couple hundred dollars more to repair it, and how long would that repair last? Small camera, great photos - it was a great idea, too bad SONY couldn't produce a camera you can rely on. If you are considering getting this camera, consider how you might feel each time you reach for your camera to take that once in a lifetime photo wondering if this will be the moment it fails. I'm very disappointed with this SONY product, I loved using it and promoted it to all my friends. My mistake because this is a camera whose lifespan is measured in months. Whatever you pay for this camera will need to be money you are willing to gamble.
  • 2014-09-06 07:00
    Even my wife likes to use it!, Jeffrey C. Day
    Verified Purchase(
    The following is from the perspective of a point and shoot user, so forgive that lack of digital photography terminology.
    This is an awesome compact camera! Great photos with outstanding color saturation. I haven't taken it off automatic mode, and I'm not sure if I ever will. The lithium battery life is excellent, and charging straight to the camera hasn't been a problem. I would invest in a second battery - just in case. I also intend to invest in a jacket case for the camera. It's heavy enough that an unprotected fall from table height could do some serious damage. There is no WI-FI upload, but since I use the burst feature, I wouldn't want all those photos automatically uploading anyway! Not much a zoom, but the photos can be easily enlarged on the computer.
    I rarely use the flash because the sensors do such a wonderful job of taking low-light photos. Just for fun, I took a photo in a dimly lit empty movie theater - the image wasn't perfect, but one could clearly see the details. I've never owned a camera that could take such a photo.
    By far, the best feature is the auto-focus. There are these little boxes that show up in the image viewer when I push the shutter down 1/2 way. Depending on how they line up, I can focus on an individual with the background slightly out of focus or I can focus on a scene with everything in focus. I've taken the best pet photos ever using the auto-focus and the burst mode without the use of a flash. The camera is simple enough that my wife (who hates to take pictures) actually likes using the camera. Can't get any better than that.
    Someone had mentioned how difficult it was to start using the camera. My son who had never used the RX100 had me up and running in 20 minutes! I had an old Panasonic DMC-1 Z6, so it wasn't that hard to come up to speed with the mode-dial. I really like the fact that if I move the mode dial, an image comes up in the image screen that requires me to confirm my selection. I can't tell you the times where I was taking a movie when I wanted a still photo with the Panasonic. I ordered the Photographer's Guide to the Sony DSC-RX100, but I haven't used it yet. I can see the need to refer to the Guide to understand the manual features - if I ever get there.
    I once had a SLR with all the lenses and gadgets. I'm at an age now that I just want to take a good photo and move on. It's compact enough that I can keep it in my pocket but the output matches the much bigger DSLRs. I recommend it highly.
  • 2014-09-05 07:00
    I love this camera, Sarah Jackson
    Verified Purchase(
    I lucked out and found this on the warehouse for about $430 and with the $50 gift card I had, it came out to only be $380. Now that is a serious score for a camera that sells for around $600 usually! This camera is pretty freakin awesome. I took it on my JMT hike and got some really beautiful photos with it. I hadn't even had time to read the maual and learn the settings to get the best pics possible and the pics still turned out great. I even got some wonderful panamora images and it can even pick up stars in photos. One of the nice features is when you click the dial for different settings, it displays a quick explanation on the screen of what that setting is good for. I'll be excited to learn how to really use the camera to get even better photos!
  • 2014-08-31 07:00
    85 days of constant use after dropping 6' onto stone flooring and it still works!, M. Findlay
    Verified Purchase(
    This is a great camera. I took it to Europe for a 3 month trip. Also took my NEX-7 Sony with a telephoto lens, but mostly used this smaller Sony. Really good pictures. Similar software that is relatively easy to negotiate. Takes great pictures and has some really cool features like panorama and a steady shot without a tripod feature that comes in handy in dimly lit cathedrals. I even dropped this unit about 6' onto a stone tiled floor and the unit continued to work for the next 2-1/2 months. The flash is often too bright and I could never find how to dim it so that overwhelmed some photos. It's real annoying to have the flash pop out from the upper left corner for the camera (when viewed from behind) as that is where you would normally hold the body. The surprise action could cause you to drop the camera too! Otherwise, a very good camera.
  • 2014-08-30 07:00
    new replacement for DSLR during travel, Chris P.
    Verified Purchase(
    amazing camera - I'm not going to go over the features since you know them. I will say that I went hiking through Europe and ONLY took this vs. my dslr. I am a semi-professional photographer (I do weddings and portraits, but it's not my full time job) so I was very back and forth on whether to bring my Canon 5dii or 6d. No sweat, this rx100 handled things beautifully. I had only one instance where I wished for a wider angle (around 16mm on full frame) so I just took several photos to stitch together in post production. To be able to have this in my pocket at such a light weight compared to a DSLR is an awesome thing. Start up is not the fastest, but now I'm nitpicking. Photo quality is incredible for such a small camera. This is now my go-to camera for weddings where I'm a guest, and travel. That's a big deal!
  • 2014-08-29 07:00
    Fantastic!, J. Wallace "Mr G"
    Verified Purchase(
    I needed this as a backup and something with great picture quality to keep in my van at all times. Image quality is on par with my larger Sony RX-10! And although I prefer a good viewfinder, I've now lgotten used to the LCD back screen, and find it works good enough for most shots. If you're looking for a very small, truly pocket camera with fantastic image quality – then look no further!
  • 2014-08-26 07:00
    Noisy!, R2
    Verified Purchase(
    Great macro, bokeh, and low light, but surprisingly mediocre at everything else - the equivalent of a normal cheaper point-and-shoot. There's a lot of white noise during video, and there's a weird pixelated look sometimes. It makes a ton of noise while zooming and taking pictures, I'd be embarrassed to use it in public. For me the noise made it a waste of money and I returned it because of that. It's also uncomfortable to use, fairly heavy and rather slick and front-weighted. You're constantly fighting to keep it from tipping. My hands actually hurt after about 15 minutes of using it!
  • 2014-08-26 07:00
    Five Stars, Woodrow Bagg
    Verified Purchase(
    outstanding purchase
  • 2014-08-22 07:00
    Clear pictures from a camera that fits in my purse ..., Sharon L Mathews
    Verified Purchase(
    Clear pictures from a camera that fits in my purse! Yes, I have a large digital SLR but it becoming more and more bulky (or I am getting lazier and lazier) to carry around and pack.
  • 2014-08-21 07:00
    The best camera I ever had :), Serouj
    Verified Purchase(
    The best camera I ever had :)
  • 2014-08-21 07:00
    Not worth it!!!, RJ from PH
    Verified Purchase(
    Tiny camera. Didn't feel comfortable holding it. Would be easy to slip out of your hands. LCD screen was not worthy of a $899 camera. It didn't appear that bright or sharp to me. Nearly useless in bright sun. No tilt screen. Battery must be charged in camera. Make sure you charge daily or have a spare. The pictures I took at a local park were a real let down. I expected to really be wowed but I wasn't. I'm not sure how much tinkering you have to do with the settings but I guess I didn't do enough. My canonSX50hs takes excellent pictures right out of the box. Good image quality was the deal breaker plus the ridiculously small size. In my opinion Sony aimed this camera at the idle rich who would think the pictures had to be great because they paid $899 for the camera. I guess it is a kind of status symbol to have one sitting on your desk. I paid $448 for mine and felt guilty, then sick when I saw the pictures it took and how easy it was going to be to drop or damage it. Needless to say I sent it back for a refund. Look beyond the hype if you buy one and ask yourself is this camera really worth $499 for what it does????
  • 2014-08-18 07:00
    Best PnS on the market., Another NNY Hunter
    Verified Purchase(
    Bought this point and shoot for the wife on her BDay. She is a pic fanatic, and LOVES this camera. Best sensor on a PnS pocket(ish) sized cam on the market. We considered an SLR, but the ease of use on this camera made it the winner. Auto features are very nice: Blew her mind taking the first few pictures of our new daughter w/ this cam--display said BABY once it focused!
  • 2014-08-16 07:00
    Great pictures, Max C. B. Dyckhoff
    Verified Purchase(
    Great camera with beautiful results. Really sleek build.
  • 2014-08-06 07:00
    MII. Absolutely fantastic camera., C. Tauber
    Absolutely fantastic camera, the MII version.
    I have an older Sony point 'n' shoot camera who's picture quality was always disappointing to me. A few years ago, I bought my sister the first version of this camera: she had met someone who had one and who really liked it. My sister really likes the MI version and currently is using it instead of her DSLR for her European vacation. My birthday rolled around and I mentioned to my sister that I had contemplated getting one of these, the MII version. She went out and bought it for me despite my being luke-warm about another Sony point 'n' shoot.
    The picture quality and the features the camera has are just amazing. Since getting it, I rarely use my DSLR: the picture quality is as good as my Canon Rebel T3i with its $1500 lens. Sure, it doesn't take pictures that rival a full-frame camera, and it cant be fitted with a 400 mm lens, but it does take great quality pictures, with a bevy of artistic options from which to choose. Very well thought-out camera, features and layout.
    There are a few things I wish were a little better, though. One is that the manual focus is a little difficult. Another is that the camera has no real grip on it, particularly making things like turning the manual focus ring difficult.
  • 2014-08-02 07:00
    Pro Results in Your Pocket., Rick Bennette "Rick Bennette"
    Verified Purchase(
    Yes, I know two newer models of this exist, but I wanted a camera that could fit in my front pants pocket. A video camera I could always have with me that would also produce professional quality video and good stills. This original model is smaller and less expensive than the newer one. It fits in my pants pocket. The newer one doesn't. The best camera is the one you have with you.
    When I shoot a paid gig, I bring pro equipment that looks the part and gets the shots. It is disappointing to be somewhere when a video op presents itself and my dinky camera can't cope with the low light. The Sony RX100 doesn't let me down here. When the house lights go down, this camera can see better in the dark than I can see with my own eyes. If I can see it, so can this camcorder. I could literally shoot a paid gig with this, and the results would please almost any client. As long as they didn't see the small size of the camera. On the other hand, at a wedding, using this I blend right in and no one would ever suspect I wasn't a guest. I can get shots with this where my pro gear would make the guests clam up. Shots where the groomsmen speak their mind because they're talking to a friend and not a camera. It's priceless later on.
    No, this won't get quite the same results as bigger cameras like the new 4K camcorders. When I compare this to any 2K camera, however, I'm looking at results that are closer to pro level than consumer level, and this shoots magnitudes better video than any other camera this size. At this price and size, there still is nothing that can generate pro looking video as good as this camera, save for the newer versions of this model.
    In full automatic control, the color is accurate and well saturated without looking too much so. Video is devoid of grain until you get down to 6400 ASA, and even then, it's not bad. At ASA 6400, it looks more like 16mm film grain than video noise. Lens sharpness is good corner to corner, but not as tack sharp as the new Sony 4K camcorder shot in the 2K mode. Still, there's no noticeable chromatic aberration (color fringes) around objects in the corners. Exposure is rock solid, and turning off HDR setting gives a film-like high contrast gamma.
    Some of the features I like are the total independent manual control of all functions. I can program the buttons for my favorites so I don't have to dig through the menus too much. The manual focus ring is smooth and well damped to prevent accidental focus slippage, and the video peaking lets me see exactly when the focus is perfect, even if I can't see the screen clearly. As I stated before, I can create pro results with this thing as I never could with another camera this tiny. Looking at the finished product, no one would ever know I didn't use a pro camera unless they saw me actually shooting with this.
    Still shots are good but could be better. The lens, though great for video, tends to be just a bit soft for stills. This can be an advantage for portraits, however, as skin tones look quite natural without bringing forth the flaws.
    In the end, using any camera is about creating visual art. In the hands of someone who knows how to compose the shots, utilize lighting and manage the camera settings, an indie film could be made with this that would hold up on any big screen TV or local theater.
  • 2014-07-31 07:00
    DSLR quality without the range, or bulk. With basic post-work, photos can rival professional quality., Adam S.
    Verified Purchase(
    Maybe a little hard to justify the expense. Has no real range so in my opinion, attempting zoom is pointless. I found I take substantially better photos with the automatic settings, which is unusual but a pleasant surprise. That means that I can snap beautiful photos very quickly. Flash is actually excellent and have never experienced a camera where the flash doesn't ruin the shots. This camera shines if you keep it at 1.8 and capitalize on DOF. Use it like it's a fixed zoom camera and you won't be disappointed. Versatility is not where it shines, in my opinion. But then again, something about being forced to shoot in 18mm gives things a real, "you're in the photo," feel. You can't pull of shots from far away, although it does a surprisingly good job even if you do risk taking landscape shots. Macro and low light is staggeringly DSLR-like in its quality. Colors are incredible. I would say it's worth the money, but this is an older generation and unless the money didn't matter to me, there's no way I would've shelled out 800 or more for it when it was brand new.
  • 2014-07-30 07:00
    Fits in your jeans pocket and takes DSLR quality images - an amazing compact camera, Daniel S. Glickman
    As a hobbyist photographer who likes to travel light, I have been searching for a truly pocketable camera with DSLR image quality. And with the RX100, I have found it. This amazing achievement by Sony can not be underestimated - they have done something no other camera manufacturer has been able to do. I can easily carry my RX100 in the front pocket of my jeans, and it takes clean images at very high ISO - even ISO 6400 is usable. Sony matched their extraordinary one inch sensor with the excellent Carl Zeiss lens to produce image quality that is too good for a camera this small. It's a well made camera, and worth every penny, especially at the new lower price of $498. Is it a replacement for a DSLR? No. I prefer having an optical viewfinder, a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses for serious work. But I do not like dragging the big DSLR and lenses around, so the best camera is the one you have with you and there is no excuse not to take the Sony everywhere you go. Is it the perfect compact camera? No, as the shooting experience is not the most rewarding (my LX3 is more fun to shoot with). However it's as close to the perfect pocketable compact camera as you are going to find. Highly recommended.
  • 2014-07-26 07:00
    Minor issues aside still one of the best pocket cameras, Dusan Lamos
    The original RX100 is still one of the best pocket cameras You can buy today. My unit had some minor issues (came with some dust particles INSIDE the LCD screen which at first looked like dead pixels and there are signs of mechanical abrasion on the lens barrel after repeated extending/retracting of the lens). These are however merely cosmetic and don't impact the usability of the camera.
    - suprisingly good image quality for a pocket cam - lots of detail, pleasing colour rendition, good dynamic range and the possibility of a relatively shallow DOF with pretty nice bokeh
    - captures subtle tonality "nuances" much better, than other P&S cameras with smaller sensors
    - very good high ISO performance up to ISO 1600
    - 20 mpx might be a little overkill but enables for extensive cropping
    - LCD has very good resolution, viewing angles and colour accuracy (seems to use IPS technology)
    - no noticeable shutter lag and fast burst rate (10 fps)
    - except for the small issues already mentioned the build quality is very good
    - inconspicous for shooting in the street
    - RAW capability
    - customisable colour modes for JPEG shooting (contrast, saturation, sharpness, etc.) and a very nice B/W preset, which looks a lot like B/W film
    - high quality video output (when using AVHCD) with full manual controls
    - good battery life
    - startup/shutdown times are not really that fast
    - constant autofocusing in AF-s mode is a little annoying (can be turned off by switching to DMF, but then the front control wheel cannot be set to anything but manual focusing)
    - can get quite warm after prolonged use
    - controls can be small for some people (camera is similar in size to the canon s90, LCD has the same size, but controls are smaller)
    - AVHCD video has to be converted/repackaged and deinterlaced before it can be used in some editing software
    - large lens barrel can sometimes get in the way, especially when shooting close ups of objects or manipulating the front control ring
    - charging from standard USB port (laptop) via cable takes a very long time (up to 5 hrs)
    Bottom line:
    highly recommended, especially for the current price
    Similar products used:
    Canon s90, Nikon DSLR
  • 2014-07-23 07:00
    Very good camera, A. Johnson
    Verified Purchase(
    Camera came as described and works great. I'm still learning how to use it, but I'm impressed with its function so far. Very pleased with my purchase.