Nikon L810 16.1 Megapixel Extended Zoom Reviews Roundup

On January 31 2012, Nikon announced a new line of COOLPIX digital cameras that are ideal for the modern, fast-paced and connected family - the COOLPIX L810, L26 and S30, ranging from $280 to $120 in price. The L810 is a 26x SuperZoom camera, the S30 is a waterproof camera, while the L26 is ideal for casual photographers. All three cameras uses AA battery for power.

The COOLPIX L810 features a 16.1 Megapixels sensor, 26x (22.5mm-585mm) zoom 22.5mm wide angle lens with VR image stabilization, 3-inch 921,000-dots LCD, 720p HD video, 19 Scene Modes and a Sports Continuous Shooting mode to capture fast moving subjects. It is listed for $279.95 in a choice of Black, Red and Blue.

Nikon Coolpix L810 Sample Photos on Flickr

Nikon Coolpix L810 Camera Reviews Roundup

Camera Labs - Nov 07 2012
"The Nikon Coolpix L810 is a 16 Megapixel super-zoom with a 26x optical range and a 3 inch 921k pixel LCD screen. Its compact size and long zoom range combined with point-and-shoot features set it apart from the competition which mostly offers more advanced exposure control. The COOLPIX L810 has Vibration reduction in addition to Motion detection which autom..." More »
80out of 100
Photography BLOG - Aug 07 2012
"Every manufacturer releases a megazoom model to entice certain photographers into buying their brand. The Nikon Coolpix L810 would suit the outdoor rambler who likes to take pictures of wildlife without disturbing them. Alternatively the large zoom is useful for the sloth in all of us that simply can't be bothered to walk there. Whatever your persuasion, th..." More »
70out of 100
TechRadar - Jul 25 2012
"Available in black, the crimson of our review sample, blue or bronze, the Nikon Coolpix L810 may be frill-free in terms of lacking any real photo control or many creative options, but this is reflected in the £229.99/$279.95 cost, and is again no massive surprise. It's fine as a starter option, but be aware this is not a camera with which to advance your p..." More »
70out of 100
LetsGoDigital - Jun 07 2012
"The Nikon Coolpix L810 has many automatic photo functions, which makes taking good photos even easier. For example, think of the smile timer, which only lets a photo be taken when the selected person is smiling. Red eys, caused by the flash, are also corrected automatically. Blink detection warns when someone has their eyes closed. The Nikon L810 even has a..." More »
75out of 100
DigitalReview - May 18 2012
"In terms of features and design the Nikon Coolpix L810 offers easy operation and the camera's large textured grip provides for a comfortable hold. The unique second zoom control lever located on the side of the lens is a handy feature that allows the user to zoom in or out with ease while holding the camera steady with both hands. The L810 is one of the mor..." More »
Not Rated
CNET US - May 12 2012
"Like most entry-level point-and-shoots, you'll want to give the L810 as much light as possible. Photos are best at and below ISO 200. As the sensitivities increase, so does the noise and smeary details from noise reduction. Also, colors appear slightly washed out and muddy from noise from ISO 400 and above. This, combined with the increased softness at high..." More »
50out of 100
ePhotoZine - Mar 28 2012
"The L810 produces images which are well exposed with decent colour reproduction, with purple fringing evident in contrasting areas. Detail is good in the centre of images, but around the edges and corners they are clearly softer. The lens has a minimum focusing distance of 1cm, meaning you can get close enough to take a well detailed macro shot. At ISO 80 i..." More »
70out of 100

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