Pentax Optio RS1500 14.0 Megapixel Simple and Easy Reviews Roundup

Pentax today announces the Optio RS1500 compact camera with interchangeable, user designable covers. Identically specced to the RS1000 launched last year, it features a simpler, snap-on system for attaching different covers, rather than the screw-on system of the older model. Thanks to a removable ring around the lens, skins can now be swapped out without the hassle of using a small tool to unscrew the faceplate. The RS1500 will ship with 10 interchangeable skins. Users can also download a free application to create and print their own unique skins.The RS1500 comes with a 4x optical zoom lens, a 14 Megapixels sensor, a 3.0-inch LCD and 720p HD video recording. It also offers Pentax's Auto Picture mode for automatic scene recognition and face detection. The Face Detection AF &AE function can instantly and accurately detect human faces within the image field and optimize focus and exposure settings. The Optio RS1500 also offers features designed for the easy capture of snapshots such as the Smile Capture mode which automatically releases the shutter the moment the camera detects the subject's smile and the Natural Skin mode to give the subject a smooth, healthy skin tone. The Pentax Optio RS1500 will be available in April 2011 for $129.95.

Pentax Optio RS1500 Camera Reviews Roundup

Pocket-lint - Aug 23 2011
"The ISO range (under the "sensitivity" setting) runs up to an ambitious ISO 6400 through manual selection, although noise is very obvious from ISO 800 upwards so is probably best avoided. In Auto mode, the flash will swing in well before you reach these sorts of levels though. Overall, in terms of image quality, the results are average, but t..." More »
70out of 100
CNET UK - Aug 09 2011
"Given the RS1500's price, you might expect the picture quality to be fairly poor. In fact, we were rather surprised by just how well the RS1500 performs. To give the bad news first: the amount of picture noise is rather high. Take a look at our test shot above and you can clearly see grainy artefacts in areas of solid colour. This is a problem even in..." More »
70out of 100
TechRadar - Aug 08 2011
"The RS1500's metering system does pretty much what's expected: good exposures when the conditions present no obvious challenges, and a sensitivity towards brighter and darker scenes respectively leading to slight under and overexposure. While the predictability of this behavior can be quite useful, for a camera pitched at this level it would probably be bet..." More »
80out of 100
Photography BLOG - Aug 02 2011
"Kids of the 80's and comic fans will love the super hero collector's pack available with the Pentax Optio RS1500. It makes the camera a lot more fun to use and the interchangeability of the skins give it an interesting slant that can be a focal point for times out with friends. Like a mood ring, the RS1500 can reflect your personality of that day although w..." More »
70out of 100
ePhotoZine - Jul 08 2011
"The RS1500 produces images which are well exposed with good colour reproduction. Detail in the images is good, it's better in the centre of the images than the edges, and also there isn't much detail in the shadows. When you view the wide-angle image below at full size there is clearly some purple fringing in the trees. Macro images are also good, but with..." More »
70out of 100
Digital Camera Info - Jun 18 2011
"At a current price around $300, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 is double the price of the Optio RS1500. This is a different class of camera, so the comparison really isn't a fair one. Perhaps the easiest way to analyze the two, is to explain exactly what you're getting for that extra $150. By splurging for the ZS3 you'll be earning yourself-first and fore..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Jun 11 2011
"So how does a camera that was designed to appeal to fashionistas and trendsetters function as an image capture device? The rectangular little RS1500 may not look much like your run-of-the-mill digicam, but underneath it all, the RS1500 seems to be a fairly typical ultra-compact digicam. Image files produced by the RS1500 have a more neutral look than t..." More »
60out of 100
Steve's Digicam - May 26 2011
"At first impression, you can really appreciate the RS1500's design; simple and fun. The body is very lightweight at about the size and shape of a deck of cards. The hard plastic body is very smooth, making this camera easy to put in and out of your pocket. The most interesting feature of the RS1500's look is the removable clear, plastic face which allows yo..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - May 14 2011
"The RS1500's very basic user interface and minimalist control layout make this digicam dead simple to operate. All controls and buttons are easily accessed by right handed shooters, but the buttons are all rather small. There is no mode dial - shooters must select the shooting mode via a dedicated mode selection position on the compass switch. The RS15..." More »
Not Rated

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